Makes my blood boil when people compare my 2 year old toddlar to other 2 year olds that talk far more.

Yamira - posted on 11/28/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




How come people do this? Is it just me? I feel awful..


S. - posted on 11/28/2012




As a annoying as it is It's just what people do, I have 3 girls my first two was forward at doing everything my youngest as always been happy plodding on, she hits her milestones, I'm not worried and as i've said she's happy. Her pronunciation isn't great but she actually says a lot now and if people spent time around her they would be able to understand her but instead they choose to just make comments when they occasionally see her. You child will speak more when she/he is ready some kids need more help yes but they all get there in the end. Try and ignore people, smile and say that's nice, I will guarantee in time your child will be better at something else because they all excel in different things at different stages.


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Yamira - posted on 11/28/2012




Oh my gosh Its the same thing with my son! His pronunciation isn't great but he talks a lot and my husband and I can definitely tell what he is saying. But when people come around its like they don't even notice! What the heck lol!? - Thank you for all of your responses! This helps;-)

Denikka - posted on 11/28/2012




People compare kids against what they know. If a kid doesn't meet their expectations, they wonder why. Especially when it comes to certain big milestones, walking and talking are among the biggest.

My kids were walking on their own between 8mo (my son) and 10mo (daughter). We had a friend living with us for a while with children who were VERY close to the same age (3mo younger than my son, their youngest was 6 weeks younger than my daughter). Their children were a lot slower to reach their milestones (youngest had only JUST barely started to pull himself up on furniture at closer to 14mo and was still not walking or standing on his own at after 16mo) than mine were (not only what I saw, but even before that, from talking on the phone, etc) and I wondered why a lot of the time. Not just whether their children were just slower, but also whether my kids were...not gifted, but more intelligent.

As it turned out, in that situation, the parents were somewhat. . .neglectful in encouraging their childrens' development and actually actively discouraged independence (and this was admitted on multiple occasions) because it made parenting *more difficult* (chasing a toddler who runs is more difficult to watch that a crawling baby, etc)

But I think in general, it's normal to compare children to others in their age group. Kind of see how they measure up, whether they're on the quicker or slower ends, or right in the middle. If it's people that you know, they could be concerned that your son not talking could be a sign of a problem. My son was a late talker (first word was early, but when he learned new words, he would only use them for a couple of days unless I absolutely forced it, and then he would seem to forget about the word. He didn't speak in more than 2 word sentences until he was about 3.) I was concerned, but we waited and it just turned out that he was more focused on other (physical) skills and was just building his vocabulary before he used it. But people who don't see your son every day may not realize things like that.

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