Nana & Grandpa not as health conscious as I am....

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Ok, so there has only been 4 people that I have allowed to watch my twin girls who will be 2yrs old in a couple of days....their Nana and Grandpa, their other Grandma, and their Great Aunt who is well into her 60's. For the most part they have all been mindful of how I choose to feed them, which is as natural as possible. No artificial flavors, colors, no added sugar or salt, preservatives, etc. However, their Nana and Grandpa sometimes buys them things and either try to give it to them at their house or they will stop by and drop things off for them. I know they mean well so of course I thank them for whatever they bring but Ialso don't want them wasting their money on things that I don't feed them. For instance....I give my girls either the Stoneyfield organic yogurt (YoToddler/YoBaby) or I give them the Simply Gogurt when the Stoneyfield is sold out. Thier Nana and Grandpa will buy them the Trix yogurt which has artificial colors and flavors. I'm sure all they are seeing is a colorful yogurt made for kids. I've once told them that I give them the Stoneyfield, but I do realize that some of the products I buy are more expensive, so would it be right to ask them to buy the more expensive products as I do or do I just smile and say "Thank you" like I've been doing?? Mind you this isn't all the time. During the summer they stop by with fresh fruit for them and the other day they brought them some delicious 100% natural apple sauce that the girls LOVED!!!

I don't want to hurt their feelings because I know they love their grandbabies soooo much!


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I totally understand too.

As for the grandparents I would smile, say thank you and move on. I stressed out on it but in the long run I decided that what I don't know can't stress me out. So when my girls are at grandpa's then I just ignore what I know is happening. He is feeding them mac and cheese, hotdogs, ice cream, candy and so on. Just because he can. He is grandpa and he can spoil his grandkids if he wants. That is a grandparents right. Remember they did their best when we were all kids and their parents spoiled us. Now it is their turn to spoil and our turn to deal with it. Don't stress and you can donate/give it to someone else that does want it later. They have grandparents rights and though everybody parents differently their kids obviously lived just fine through all of the crap they gave their kids.

We go for a truly healthy eating in our house as much as we can afford at times anyway. i.e. fresh fruits, veggies, year round along with lean meats, whole grains, and so on.
However we all need to realize sometimes that we can't control everyone and what they do or present to our kids. So with that in mind I take everyday and every meal as a time to re-enforce good foods verse bad foods, as well as manners, and just all around family time.

As for the yogurt you are buying, unless you can pronounce everything in the ingredients section of those yogurts they aren't organic. Yogurts are a combination of sugar, cream, fat and added ingredients to make it taste good. Plain yogurt with fresh fruit is better than any of the flavored yogurts. The "all natural" and "organic" products in stores are typically not all natural or organic. Read the ingredients and if you can't pronounce or know what one or more of them are then it isn't organic or natural. The only way to do all organic and natural is to buy fresh and make somethings yourself. i.e. applesauce = boil applies, strain it and you have natural applesauce without the added sugars, and preservatives. Really read the ingredients in everything you buy out of a box, can, or jar. It is amazing what you can learn about what is actually in those things and what is going in your body when you ingest them.
good luck.

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I totally understand where you are coming from. My kids' grandparents live out of state, but when they are here they constantly buy junk for them. Since it's so rare that they are here, I just smile and say thanks (and they know it is not food I would buy) and the kids can eat a little of it while they are here visiting (they stay with us) but when they are gone (and the kids are napping or something) I throw the rest out. I feel it's better to indulge the grandparents once in a while and hope that since I feed my kids well the rest of the time, that a little junk every once in a while won't hurt.

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