Rice cereal and vegetables . . . please pass on advice

Laura - posted on 07/17/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've just started my daughter on rice cereal and she hates it (gags and heaves bless her) and I'd like to continue feeding her solids but I'm not sure whether I should continue the ceral or move onto vegetables. For example, if I tried her on pumpkin do I mix the pumpkin INTO the cereal or do I just forget all about the cereal all together??


Christine - posted on 07/24/2010




Rice cereal.. how are you mixing it? Mixing it with formula gives it a sweeter taste which some babies find appealing.. but also by adding formula or breast milk you can thin out the cereal and make it easier for your baby to eat.

Also mixing the cereal with fruits and/or vegetables is fine..
Rice cereal is important.. it's a grain.. and reality is.. if your baby is getting fruit and veggies from a jar, milk from the formula can or the boob.. the reality is.. no grain.. why is grain important..

grain has a lot of nutritional value ..

maybe your baby also doesn't like rice cereal.. maybe try oatmeal.. ?

but first think out the rice cereal.

My daughter when she was a baby. she'd eat rice cereal.. but I think she thought it was bland.. and one day I put a pinch of cinnamon in it... an dshe loved it.. that's the only way she'd eat it after that.. so dont' go crazy trying things.. if she won't eat rice cereal and your thining it out enough for her..
then try the oatmeal.. and vary it's consistency too..

she could jsut be learning how to eat cereal grains.. and that takes time.

But yes.. I'd continue feeding it to her.. I'd just vary it some.. be creative.. thin it out some.. mix it with different things..

1/2 jar of fruit with the rice cereal does wonders..

but you'll also see that with the cereal.. rice or oat.. that your baby will sleep better too. it' is heavier in their tummy and they're full longer.. so they sleep better.. so that's another benefit of cereal.

So don't give up.. just switch it up some.


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My daughter hated rice cereal, gaged also. It's very funny to watch... I went straight onto puréed vegies b i made them myself. It's much healthier than the jarred food and very easy to prepare. If she'll eat the cereal with the veg then why not but don't stress if she doesn't. I'm a bit of a health freak when it comes to fresh food, my theory is, if i can't stand the taste then why give it to a baby. Home made is always the best so you can control the amount of sugar and salt in the food. Very important. also my daughter really hated all pureed food so we we only mashed it, she liked the lumps. Even now at aged 3, she won't eat runny foods. She's a great eater, lots of veg and fruit so maybe thats what your child is like too

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