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Andria - posted on 11/11/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2, she is a strong little girl! I just worry that maybe she isnt eating properly and not getting what she needs. How do I get all the good foods into something she may eat! I think if she sees it, and it doesnt look appealling to her, she wont eat it! I do give her vitamins and she loves milk, I just dont think she gets enough through out the day. Ideas????


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Purees reign in our house too right now. I'm a fan of Missy Chase Lapine's cookbooks b/c they are full of ideas which means less planning on my part. You can definitely wing it like Cara does. Just puree & match colors!

Cara - posted on 11/11/2008




I wrestled with a picky eater as well and let me tell you no matter how good it looks to you if it does not look the way your toddler wants there is no way you will get her to eat it! So here are some of my tricks:
--Ovaltine -- has lots of vitamins and minerals
--Blend pureed veggies in what they do eat -- puree carrots and put it in mac and cheese it looks like cheese sauce, finely chop broccolli and put it in meat sauce for spaghetti. It lookes like ground beef. make a fruit shake and add a veggie, the sugars from the fruit disguise it and make it sweet! You can also add yogurt and make it a smoothie which is like icecream! If it is still not sweet enough add a splenda!

The key is deception! What they don't know will end up benefiting them. My kids are all in school now and I still do it and they have no idea! This especially works if you want to eat healthier or more organic. I substitute ground turkey for beef but they still don't know that!!!
I have revealed a few things when something new is presented on their plate that they instantly look at and say that they do not like. It is usually something I have hid in other foods and they try it and usually end up liking it!
In this case ignorance is truly bliss!

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