The terrible twos and not eating

Lashes - posted on 09/27/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son has just turned two and up until a couple of months ago was the model child now it seems he has been taken over by someone else, he has tantrums when we are out shopping and I am so fed up of people staring and commenting when this happens I even lost my rag with an elderly woman yesterday who did this which is awful. He also used to eat everything put near him but we took a long time to get him off baby foods, stage 3 and 4 and now I am struggling to get him to eat anything of ours, he hates cheese, eggs, vegetables. The only healthy thing he eats is fruit and cereal. Has anyone got any healthy ideas for meals? Any suggestions for coping with these sudden outburst of tantrums? Also he doesnt talk much, he says the odd word but I am starting to get worried why he doesnt talk alot, did anyone else have late talkers? He has started Playgroup now two mornings a week so I am hoping this will encourage speech, but he will be starting School next year as they start at 3 in Wales where I live so would like him to have some idea of conversation soon.


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Jamie - posted on 10/18/2009




My two year old will only eat from me or her dad.When we give her a plate full of food she will only pick at.I know what you are going threw and it is hard.Sometimes If I eat foods in front of my two year old and say yummy she will eat from me.Try eating thease foods in front of your child then they will see mommy eats it too.

Sherry - posted on 10/11/2009




One thing I've learned is that many children act out when they have trouble communicating... you have to admit, it must be frustrating for them!!

Sometimes I wonder if the resitance to food is about control for the child. My daughter does it and I don't believe it's about the food at all. Hang in there, it'll get better! ☼

Amber - posted on 10/06/2009




Dont stress love, i'm totally going through the same thing. My little boy has just turned 2 and doesnt eat anything i dish up, he used to be fantastic eating all his vegies. I am always trying to make new and interesting things that he might like but really wont even really give them a try.

I find he loves sausages, so i mash up some vegies cook up a sausage and cut it in to little pieces and mix it all in together so he has to go fishing around for the sausage but is also getting the vegies when he puts it in his mouth.

They go through stages, my little boy has been alot later in getting most of his teeth so that could be a reason he doesnt eat much. I find Cohen loves grated cheese and also loves his fruit and Cereal. He wont really eat bread which can be a pain at times, as it's an easy thing to give them.

Cohen is late with his talking 2, my best friends little boy is 2 days younger than Cohen and says a million words, i tell his mum she has a freak of nature! (lol) I'm not worried about the talking thing he is more advanced with other things such as more active than most 2 year olds and climbing everything and anything. I know he understands heaps i will ask where something is on a book and he will point to it straight away, but i can ask him a million time to say it but he looks at me like, cant be bothered mum!

Then he will come out with a word and i wont every hear it from him again, What can you do!

I'm really not stressed, but i suppose when you see other kids saying stuff you worry a little, but i know he is healthy and very smart in many other areas so words will come when he is ready.

I hope i have put your mind at ease.

Oh yeah, Tantrums suck but they are part and parcel of being a toddler and all you can do is ignore and try not to murder them at the same time. :@)

Cathralynn - posted on 09/29/2009




I have no experience, my bean is only 16mo but I'm trying to prepare myself. I honestly think the way to teach a baby is to keep doing your normal routine and to ignore the tantrums or respond however you choose in a consistent manner. This means your child will lose it in a public and it will be embarassing. But keep doing it, it will pay off soon. People with children understand, those who don't who cares. Would you rather have a well behaved child you can't take anywhere? And as for the speech, I think he will just explode all at once. If he understands you, he is just storing all those words for later. Being around others, especially older kids will help. If your docs not worried, then you shouldn't either. Lastly part of the eating thing is that babies growth slows at a year. They no longer need the same food intake to keep up their growth. So what you thought was a meal isn't anymore. Just let him eat what he will, and keep trying new things. It will balance out over time. I just wanted to say your worries are normal and others have been or will go thru the same things. Hope it helps in some way.

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