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Morgan - posted on 10/11/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




My son is almost 2 years old and he really won't eat anything. He loves his fruits, some veggies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and baby food still. I give him something new and he gags and spits it back out. Can anyone help me please? He use to eat really well and was off baby food and now he won't touch that food again. Any advice would be helpful!


Tasnim - posted on 10/12/2010




I had the same problem with my baby when he was 1 1/2 years old, and now he is 2 years old so I used to give him food and he will never eat it, then what I did and it worked, I put some food in his colorfull plate and give him spoon and fork then leave him alone and watch him from time to time, he started playing at first then when he saw me not insisting and ignoring him, he started to eat with his fork and contiuned with his hands, so from that moment I figured out that kids don't like to be told what to eat or how, just I put his food in his plate and I bring my food in my plate and sat down next to him and eat my food, then he starts to eat his food too.I know it's difficult but you can do it. You can also go online and google some toddler recipes that might be interesting for your kid. I wish you good luck

Tasnim - posted on 10/19/2010




What you can do, get some simple recipes from online that are specially made for toddlers, I did the same and it worked great. My 2 years son is eating everything that we eat now. I went to some websites and got some recipes and tried them for my son and he looooooovvvved them. So all you have to do google toddler tasty recipes. Good Luck :)


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JDCT - posted on 04/21/2011




Don't give up! I am a mom of 4 young boys and 1 PICKY eater. Same story. What finally worked is juice once a day! Minimal snacks (helthy ones, carrots, apples, cheese stick, whole grain crackers) And no not alot. Offer him what you eat breakfast. lunch, dinner and if he dosen't eat, so be it. My son went to bed more often than I would like grabby and hungry. Once I started the above plan. He ate! Whoo Hoo. Not that he eats everything all the time but I saw a huge difference once I cut out lots of snacking and lots of milk and juice! It is so much better to get through this when they are younger than when you keep catering to them and your family grows! I'm a mom not a short order cook! Best of luck!

Erin - posted on 02/05/2011




My son is 18 months and i feel like such a terrible mother because all he eats is nuggets...mac n cheese.....noodle with butter...cheese...bagels....yogurt....pancakes....pb&j.....grilled cheese....eggos....pot pies....but i feel like he isnt eating healthy because he wont eat any meats so he is always eating the same stuff like he had chicken nuggets for several days for lunch what gives????

Gemma - posted on 01/04/2011




My son Aidan, 6years old, is a picky eater! When we started weaning I cooked everything that he ate and boy he was a good eater but when we hit the lumps phase I hit post natal depression and found it easier give him finger foods so I didn't have to deal with the gagging (something I still feel guilty for!) When he hit 4 he would only eat chicken nuggets and chips and no veg at all! I used to always worry about what he ate but I know see that he eats 3 meals a day and snacks and he is a healthy boy! Since I have stopped fretting he is more open to trying new things and will now eat veg (only raw) and roast chicken etc. When he asks to try things I will get it for him but I make it clear to him if he doesn't like it it's ok cause not everyone likes everything and that makes him more open to try things! Just in this week he has tries sweetcorn and has decided he likes it which is great, although he likes it in a plastic cup, which is also great. Hope this helps.

Kristi - posted on 10/23/2010




I know how you feel, I am in the same situation as you are except my son is 4 years old now. He gags at almost everything I give him, and I am worried to death that he's not getting the proper nutrition. I am going to try some of those websites (thank you, Tasnim B.) and hopefully he will start eating better soon enough. But at least you know you're not alone, I used to blame myself until I realized that I'm not the only Mom in the world with a picky eater =).

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I am in the same situation. My little one is almost 17 months and she wont eat meat, she loves fruit, some veggies, ravioli, and mac and cheese. I have tried incorporating meats into her mac and cheese and she will spit it out. She doesnt even like for me to feed her. I feel as though she is not getting enough nutrition even though sje is eating fruits and veggies and dairy products. It is impossible to get her to eat other things. Hopefully someone can help us both out!

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