Want to keep kid healthy but husband has other ideas. Help?

Shenoa - posted on 09/19/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband and I recently had our first born and I really want to raise our son right and keep my family healthy. My husband andI aren't overweight and I want to keep it that way But diabetes runs strong on both sides of my family and even though I don't have it, I don't want my son to get it either. The solution? Moderate helpings and healthy food. Not so difficult, right? As if.

My husband is being unbearably difficult. He won't eat beans, watermelon, cheese, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, slow-cooker meals, pot roast, most soups, raviolis, raisins, fish (excluding tuna), fried chicken, any veggie except corn and bell peppers, he puts mass amounts of salt on everything, getting him to eat chicken is an uphill battle, kool-aid or soda pop is a must for every snack and meal, red potatoes are a no go, meat must be eaten with every dinner, and he's okay with me breast-feeding our son just because it's a 'glorified sugar supply*.' He seems to think we can legitimately raise this kid on meat and potatoes which is just ridiculous.

I'm a SAHM and I spend hours scouring for recipes online and in magazines just to have him reject 99% of them, Is there anything I can do to get him to change his diet or change his way of thinking?

* I do not intend to offend anyone with statement. It's simply a frustrating aspect as to how my husband thinks.


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Susan - posted on 11/04/2012





I know exactly what you mean also --- I have 3 children and my little girl is slightly overweight but my husband still feeds here bad food! Kills me

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Hey, I sincerely hear what you're saying! My husband is ridiculous in that sense too. I'm an avid healthy eater, consuming MOSTLY vegetables and small amounts of meat, once in a blue moon have a bite of processed foods, NEVER sugary drinks, ONLY water, tea, and home-juiced organic fruits & veggies, for homemade raw sweet treats I have raw honey - enzymes minerals and nutrients still intact.

My hubby is the same as yours in that sense, he doesn't eat veggies. Once in awhile he will eat a salad - only if its drenched with creamy dressing. He will have the odd orange or pear, likes grapes, but this doesn't even scratch the surface compared to the amount of processed foods he eats. He truly thinks I'm crazy and exaggerating when I talk about how beneficial it is to eat fresh raw foods. Its like his mind literally doesn't comprehend the fact that veggies are edible. The drawers and fruit bucket will be heaping with a variety of fruit and veggies, and he tries sending me to the grocery store, feeling guilty that I'm "starving" since food is nowhere to be seen in the house. Its hilarious. I have to explain to him how I snack all day on my favorite foods. He'll say things like "I don't eat vegetables because I'm not an animal," don't get me started on this one haha. The one thing I have to give to my hubby credit for is he actually quit drinking pop, juice, and quit eating bread. These were the 3 things he used to consume a hopeless amount of. I was bloody surprised, and I mean it when I say that. We owe it to adding blue-green algae in our diet. I'm not going to promote which brand it is, and not telling anyone to message me for more info, but I suggest researching this in somewhere else on your own time. Anyways, luckily my hubby isn't a control freak over our babies diet. I've made it clear how my baby will have the best nutrition - bottom line, there's no sign of weakness or room for debate in that statement, its very very clear. I'd say be strong about your diet beliefs when it comes to baby, but don't stress about controlling your husbands diet that much, sometimes its sadly nothing more than causing stress. It actually is saddening, when you're aware of health issues, know the cause and solution, yet you can't force it upon the person..

As for myself, no one will sabotage my health. I've tried being stubborn and only make healthy meals, but my husband will resort to eating cereal for dinner, or not eat, or complain. In my situation it became more of a problem then solution. The only shitty thing is how I'm constantly surrounded with temptations, but its gotten to the point where the moment I see junk food, I look away and don't even consider *thinking* about eating it. Sure, once in awhile I will give in to a cookie or whatever. But one lessen I've learned since being with my old man is how I need to depend on my own strength to keep myself healthy in the midst of junk food central. I wish I could "fix" him, but I've come to realize he needs to do it from his own will and it has to be his choice.

Also, this will be my last bit, but give your him time. Convince him eat one new thing, and to cut out one bad thing - no pressure though. We can't expect instant results because this transition can take years and years. Tiny steps because food addictions can be just as powerful as drug addictions, this is real. There are inspiring stories out there regarding diet change, and it's all very possible, so don't lose hope. But remember to communicate this topic in a loving way, sometimes when we are frustrated we can become condescending, and the chances of anyone listening then are practically none.

Anyways........ good luck! And wish me luck too ;) hehe. And on a lighter note, here I am giving advice when I haven't even got my own hubby to change his diet. Talk about hypocrisy much??

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My husband sort of rebelled against the idea of healthy eating too.I just told my husband that if he didn't like what I cooked then he could cook his own meals. And wash the dishes from cooking his own meals. Needless to say, after work he didn't feel like feeding himself so he jumped on the healthy eating bandwagon. He now likes the new foods better than what he used to eat. This may seem mean, but I strongly believe that tough love is necessary at times!

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