What Can I Feed My Ten Month Old Baby?

Lisa - posted on 07/02/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm a first/last time Mom and am worried silly that my son isn't getting enough food. I slowly transitioned into organic baby food puree from formula (I was unable to nurse, as I went into postpartum congestive heart failure and the diuretics dried out my milk supply--not to mention, I didn't want to expose my son to all the meds I had to take). It seems like there really isn't much in between food that he is able or wants to eat before beginning to eat what I do. He only really likes scrambled eggs, pasta, cheese and the melt-in-your-mouth puffs. Plus, watching him eat finger foods is about to give me a heart attack because he always starts to choke, but his natural gag reflex kicks in, thank GOODNESS! He gagged on the Earth's Best apple cinnamon oatmeal (and it's delicious!). I pureed organic chicken breast and mixed it with sweet potato and he gagged on that, and the same with cottage cheese. It seems like he dislikes the whole process of eating in a high chair, and he insists on feeding himself, so I have to give him food that's not messy or watery. I really hate the idea of him swallowing food whole because that's exactly what he does, even though he already has eight teeth. I'm at a loss. This is a baby who has almost never cried and for the first time tonight, he cried almost inconsolably before bedtime and I'm worried it was because he was still hungry. What can I feed him that's relatively easy to make, healthy, organic and easy for him to eat so he doesn't choke? Help!

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