what to give my 8/9 month old for supper?


User - posted on 11/05/2012




I used to chop the food up that we were eating for dinner and make a plate for my little one just make sure it's in small enough pieces so baby won choke you can also allow baby to try to feed himself/herself it will be messy but its helping baby learn


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Natalie - posted on 11/29/2012




I boiled chicken or beef, used the broth and very little meat, added the veggies I had at home, mostly carrots, potatoes, very little onion, celery and rice or noodles. Once boiled, put some extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and put the whole mixture in the blender. This soup can be as watery or thick as you want, it takes couple of times until you get to the right consistency. Put it in the glass jars in the refrigerator and can be used for 3-4 days. It is way cheaper than store bought and also healthier since it does not have lots of food additives and chemicals.

Shenna - posted on 11/07/2012




If you have a high chair put a towel under it or put it in the kitchen so it will be easier to clean the mess I am about to tell you to allow !! LoL if you don't have a high chair take clean towel put it on the kitchen floor and let baby sit and eat from their plate!

Suitable foods are would be pretty much whatever you are eating for dinner as long as its baby safe and healthy! Make sure you chop it up into small pieces and is digestible for the child.

I usually did things like: green beans,mashed potatoes, chopped up veggie medley: zucchini, corn, tomatoes, with light sauce! Small pieces of chicken,chopped veggie pizza, baked sweet potatoes, spaghetti, pasta, really and truly anything healthy that you are eating on small chopped scale!

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