4 month old only takes 30 minute naps

Claudia - posted on 11/29/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )





i have a 4 month old son who refuses to take any nap longer than 30 minutes..

i follow healthy sleep habits, healthy child guidelines, and i swear NOTHING works.

even if i catch him at the right time.. the max is 30 minutes (unless i'm driving in the car, or maybe sometimes in the swing.. even that is diminishing in time though)

the problem is that he's not a kid that wakes 'refreshed & happy'.. he's tired A LOT of the time & i just dont know what to do anymore..

if he wakes after 30 minutes i've tried letting him cry for a bit & then check on him & then cry longer etc... but he just gets more & more riled up..

i know sleep is very important.. and i know & realize that when he does (by fluke) get good naps, he's much easier to put down at night.

he does sleep well at night.. he usually goes to bed between 7 and 8pm and he may get up once or twice, but always up at 7am..

i honestly dont know what to do anymore.. and i'm getting a bit stressed out..

i've read up on so many different sites, and honestly.. i think i'm doing what i'm supposed to (watch their sleepy cues) but i get all flustered and then doubt myself because he STILL doesnt sleep...

any suggestions?


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I have the same experience with mine I am in UK, my GP advices me to put my baby on solid She said to me that the hunger wake him, now I breastfeed him and give him baby rice, baby purée fruit of veg. In the morning he have a nap from 7 to 10 I give him a bottle with expressed milk or aptamil 1 At 12 I give him baby rice or purée he takes a nap after sometimes from 1 to 2 more or less when he wake up I breastfeed him sometimes he took a short nap between 3 and 4 at night I put him in his cot bed to sleep at 6.30. This routine sometimes work sonetimes not so don't be frustrated try your best and check his nappy some baby likes to be clean even just a little wee wake them even you just change it for few min change it again the important that your baby be happy. Maybe your baby exoerience the Growth spurts. Please read this article maybe it will help you. Good luck and be patient its just a period and it will pass very fast.

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