This is a community for moms who engage in healthy family nudism or nudity. This community does not accept pedophiles,fakers or weirdos.


Hot tubbing at new friends house

My family and I have been invited over to some friends house for dinner and hot tubbing next month. What is the right hot tubbing etiquette regarding nude hot tubbing or with...


Summers Coming downunder

Summers just around the corner down here in New Zealand, the clothes have been off for weeks! All the housework and gardening are done naked and love it! The shoes have never...



Easter to you Christians. Happy Ostara to you pagans :-)


summer skinny dipping!

So the kids of course are thrilled because their naked heines can swim to their little toes are pruny lol. It keeps them cool anyway and saves me on electric.


How or why did you become a nudist?

I became a nudist when I was eight years old. My best fried's family were nudist. I spent a lot of time with her and her family. Being nude seemed so natural to me, my husband,...


So what type of nudist are you?

Well around the house i'd say we are slightly casual to full blow nudists. Meaning that if people come around, or are cold then i usually get dressed to some fashion and the...


Lets your kids pee in your garden!

LOL but truthfull diluted pee *diluted after or by drinking lots of water* actually helps increase the yields of veggies in your garden :). I know it might sound a tad gross but...


New Group!

I have created a new group dealing with sex and relationships :). Hope you cum join us =D


Hi nice to meet you

Hi I'm new and just wanted to say hi. We're a clothes optional family and always have been really. Good to meet you and look forward to any conversations that get posted!...


Welcome to the group :)

As i said this club of ours is to discuss healthy levels of nudity within a family unit. Whether you are a fulll time nudist, casual nudist, or just someone who isn't bothered...