Heart of a mom- infertility group

This group is for women who are struggling with or have struggled with infertility in any form. So many women have the heart of a mommy but a body that doesn't support it. Infertility can be a long journey share yours with us!


PCOS anyone?

Hi I'm Jaimie PCOS patient for oh lets see i was diagnosed in 2005 so 4 years but i know i have had it longer. I was jsut wonderng if there any more moms witht he same...


Hello all

Hi I'm Cassi, a mother of two, one son, and one step daughter. I've been TTC since November 08, with no luck. I love to give advice when I can, and be there to support anyone...


I hope there are others!

Hi! I will tell an abridged version of my story to start and hope that others follow! I have gone through 2 husbands and 14 years of infertility. Two failed adoptions,...