Has anyone else had an ectopic pregnancy?

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On March, 26th I went into the ER because I was having some spotting and some pain in my back. I was almost 8 weeks pregnant, so they did an ultrasound to how the baby was doing. I was looking for the baby on the screen, but could not find it. Finally the doc came on an told me I had a tubal pregnancy. I was devastated! They rushed me into surgery and removed the baby and my right fallopian tube. the thing that makes it even harder is that I had a miscarriage last may (2008) and had been trying for 10 months to conceive this baby. I was on clomid because I was not ovulating and was so excited when it worked on the first round. It has been almost three weeks and I am still asking myself why me, why my baby? I have a 2 year old that I conceived while I was on birth control and now I cannot seem to have another baby. I just don't get why it happened so easily and now it just does not seem to happen for me. It does not help that my best friend and I were planning on having our babies together. I was 4 weeks ahead of her and 2 weeks behind my sister-in-law. I just hurt when I think they are going to have babies and I am not. I am so jealous! does this feeling ever go away!

also if this has happened to anyone, where you able to have more kids? does only one tube decrease your odds of getting pregnant? does anyone have a story that they would like to share, so I do not feel so alone? My husband does not seem to understand, I mean he is upset, but he says we should not worry about things that we cannot control, which is easy for him to say. He goes to work everyday and has other things to keep his mind busy. I am a stay at home mom, so I have plenty of time to think. I just hope that I am not getting depressed! that is all I would need!


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This happened to me, twice! The first time, I had some spotting which sent a red flag to my doctor. I had an ultrasound and there wasn't a baby to be seen. It was in my tube. I'm pretty sure it stopped growing because I didn't have any pain and the pictures from my surgery showed just a little bump in my tube at 8 wks. The second time, I do remember having pain at just 7 wks. The pic from THAT surgery showed my tube stretched so thin that you could actually see an embryo (or what looked like one to me). That second one was 14 yrs ago and I've never been able to get pregnant since even though both my tubes are still intact. I still have them both, although one is shorter because they had to cut it away during my second tubal. I never found out why this happened to me, possible scar tissue from an undetected infection (?). I was never able to carry children even after 7 IVF attempts, but through the grace of God and a surrogate, we do have our beautiful, 6 yr old, B/G twin miracle babies.

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I had this happen to me as well. After 2 unsuccessful IVF attempts, and the removal of my left tube, I decided I was done with the treatments for a while. I was taking the summer off. I found out I was "spontaneously" pregnant right before my husband and I went on vacation. When I got back home, my doctor was checking my levels on a weekly basis. At first they were going up as they should, then I got the call that said that they had dropped and I needed to come in for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that the baby was not in my uterus, but in the tube. Like you, I was devasted. I was scheduled for surgery the next day. I walked into the operating room with my doctor...who said it was her goal to save my tube, since I only had the one left. She was able to save the tube, and a year later repaired it. Unfortunately for me, the tube seemed to be clear, after having the dye test done twice, but my ovaries are now too old. As long as your ovaries and uterus are in good shape, having one tube shouldn't impair your ability to get pregnant...it just may take longer. BUT, I strongly agree with Stephanie, make sure you understand why it occurred...do you have blockages in both tubes, adhesions, etc. Talk with your doctor..one that is an infertility specialist may be able to get to why you are having difficulty conceiving and address the risks of another pregnancy. Once you have the answers....it's easier to deal with the next steps.

Stephanie - posted on 09/04/2009




this has happened to me. When my husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby it took 6 monthes to conceive, 6 weeks later it resulted in rupturing of my fallopian tube and salpingectomy (removal of the tube). My dr. said to wait 6 monthes before trying again. Again 6 monthes later i conceived and the results were the same as before. I have no fallopian tubes now and therefor obviously cannot conceive naturally. Please PLEASE dont do the same thing I did.

Make sure you know WHY you had this ectopic.

All my friends and family have babies now.

it IS really really hard to watch. You still do have a chance. they have operations now that can reopen tubes but not replace them. be very careful with what you have left.

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