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HELLP syndrome recurrence

Hi there, I developed HELLP syndrome thankfully very late in my first pregnancy. I had a healthy baby boy, William, in Aug '07 and he was not affected in any way, thank...


HELLP syndrome and getting pregnant again

hi there. im new to this site. i developed hellp sydrome in weeks 33 of my pregnancy. it got worse in week 35. then on 35+5 it got worse that i had to be put onto magnesium...



So I had HELLP syndrome with my first pregnancy 16 years ago I have had two babies since then without any complications. I am pregnant with my fourth pregnancy and I am 35...


Book about HELLP

Hi everyone, I'm gathering information about HELLP for a book I'm writing about this illness and our experiences with it. If you'd like to tell your story, take part in a...


i was really bad with hellp syndrome

hi i had hellp syndrome and had 2 have my lil girl deleiverd by emergancy c-section at 34 weeks, everything was fine trough my pregnancy no probs at all. after they deleliverdmy...

Started by Hannah Woods on 09/03/2010 in HELLP Syndrome MOMs

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I had HELLP syndrome

I was in for an ultrasound and then they wanted to do a NST. During the test, they noticed my blood pressure was through the roof. Did some further testing and a few hours...

Started by Gabrielle on 07/27/2010 in HELLP Syndrome MOMs

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Where can I donate to hellp research

My son was born May 8th (3 & 1/2 weeks early but happy and healthy now) due to a quick onset of severe hellp. Before his happened to be, I was looking forward to a "pain and...