Help Us Bring Virtual Gifts to Circle of Moms

Circle of Moms wants to bring more kinds of virtual gifts (see Facebook Gifts application for examples) to more areas of the site to help you show your circles of friends you care when times are rough and celebrate with them on special occasions; to help you get recognition for your accomplishments; and to provide you with another way to express yourself through the gifts you give and receive. We would love to get your thoughts on different ideas and plans as we go along, so this is a group where you can give us suggestions for how to improve virtual gifts on Circle of Moms.



What gifts do you like to receive yourselves or give to others? Whats important to you when you buy a gift for others? Thinking of starting up my own gift shop so it would be...


Gift Suggestions?

We will send out a survey through the site very soon, but since you've signed up for this group, I would love to get your specific ideas for things you'd like to give to or get...