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Welcome to Circle of Moms! We hope you find your time on the site fun and fulfilling. Here are some answers to common questions to help you get started.

What is Circle of Moms?

With nearly 6 million members, Circle of Moms is the best resource for moms on the Internet. You can connect better with moms you already know, and meet moms who have the knowledge and experience in providing trustworthy advice, recommendations and support. You have complete control over your experience - moms you interact with, communities you join, and your e-mail and privacy settings. You can also access us easily from Facebook.Take a look around!

What can I do at Circle of Moms?

  • Join some of the 9,000+ communities and connect with moms who share your interests. Search by key word or filter by category to find a group that's right for you. Join a community of moms in your area, with children the same age as yours, who are interested in health, diseases and special needs, debating about the latest hot issue, scrapbooking and more, just as much as you do. Create your own community if you don't see a community that's right for you.
  • Add moms you know and meet to your circle so you can easily connect with the moms you trust most. Click on "Add to Circle" to find existing friends on Circle of Moms, or view another member's profile to add her to your circle.
  • Create a profile for your child. Kids grow so quickly! Child profile lets you easily add milestones, funny quotes and pictures, so you can keep a record of your child's special moments without missing anything. It's also a great way to update friends and family who are important to you and your child.
  • You can also create your own profile and answer 20 Questions about you so other moms can get to know you better, ask a question to your trusted circle of moms or to your communities, vote in a photo contest and browse through fun photos, or create a poll.

Is it safe to share information?

Here at Circle of Moms, we are very concerned about your privacy and security. We have strong privacy settings that give you complete control over who can see your information. You can modify privacy settings for your personal and child profiles, and your circle.

Remember to be smart about what you choose to share. Don't share personal details like your street address, phone number, child's school, social security number, or credit card numbers with someone you don't know.

Not finding what you want?

You can check out our FAQ page, and ask any remaining questions to the Circle of Moms team by clicking Contact Us link at the bottom of every page on the site. We love hearing from our moms! If you'd like to share anything with us, please email us at feedback[at]circleofmoms[dot]com.