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This is to help any ladies who have lost a baby where it be a Miscarriage or still born maybe you have lost a parent or partner also for ladies who are just having a hard time and need somewhere to go whatever the case I have made this place for women who need some advice or to vent and just need support I hope it can help.As i dont think anyone should have to go through something so hard on their own.


✟ Poems Dedicated to Angels ✟

Maybe you wrote a poem you would like to share I did this in another forum and got a good response to this and also found it helped others to read what other people were going...

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I am going to close this down as I didnt get the ammount of people I thought I would instead I just have started up a facebook group if you are intrested in joining that instead...

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Answers to Questions

Is it safe to get pregnant immediately? That depends. Pregnancy without an intervening menstrual period can make managing the pregnancy more difficult, as your obstetrician...

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❀ Sharing How Your Feeling and Advice ❀

Sharing your story can sometimes help others and yourself as you can get feed back and people who have been through the same as you can sometimes help.

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