Hidden Twin? need advice

Ok so here is the deal. I am now 23 wks and have had a very rough pregnancy so far. I have recently began wondering if I might be carrying twins and it is unsuspected or hidden. This will be my 3rd child so I understand that you start showing earlier with subsequent children, however I had to start wearing maternity clothes around 8 weeks. My abdomen is very full, round, and hard upper and lower and started becoming that way around 12 to 13 weeks (I looked 6 months). I also started feeling movement around the same time as well. The movement I have felt since then is fluttering in my upper abdomen only over the last few weeks have I felt movement in my lower abdomen, and here lately I have felt hiccups in my lower and upper abdomen at the same time. Some more of my history is I had an elevated trisomy 18 test but u/s was normal at 18 wks, and have also had idopathic intracranial hypertension over the last 6 weeks. There was only one baby seen during my u/s at 18 wks so I'm wondering if it is even possible to have a hidden twin, but I need more info. Can anyone help me?


Can you still be pregnant with twins?

I got a -3d ultrasound around 7 weeks to hear my babies heart beat to send to my deployed hubby but they found two sacs and said its probably twins. so i went to the er so they...


hello there

Hi my name is Kristol, I just went through a really simular pregnancy. :) when you feel the hiccups in two different spots it could be that the baby has them really good and is...