Genetics: Are his siblings at risk?

Lora - posted on 08/10/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have heard theories supporting both sides of this argument. I have heard that Autism is not genetic, but I have also seen families with multiple Autistic kids. I am worried for my 7month old baby. I catch myself turning everything he does into a red flag and I have to remind myself to enjoy his babyhood and stop stressing out. Does anyone else worry about the children who are younger than the ASD one?


Kelly - posted on 09/30/2010




I have 5 kids. My first son has Adhd and learning disabilities. I have had 2 daughter who are regular kids one is advanced. Then comes Torey who was off but could never quite put my hand on it until they dx her with high functioning autism. I also have one after who is 4 and is regular kid. Let me tell you sometime the one who are dx are sometimes easier to deal with. Don't stress over over the little things. Enjoy his baby stages but still watch. If I had been watch I could have picked up on Torey sooner but just thought she was taking after her brother. All kids have there own personalities. Somethings may just be that. Very hard to tell in the baby stage. My kids are are 12,11,10,8 and 4. As you can tell they are close together so for me once my son was dx I had my other kids looked at but they said nothing was wrong and here I am with one with high functioning autism. So I say enjoy and don't stress.

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