how are u know if they are Autism

Liz - posted on 11/21/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my dought doc is say that there are a good changht that she might be autism . she can't hand loud sound or she get mad or if there is too meany thing going on,she 7 and she is able to talk that will she talk at 3 yr old. is it posed that she might have it and what other thing that might be the biger thing

how can i help here right know???


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Janet - posted on 07/30/2010




hi Liz, they're right by age 7 it is very evident if you child has autism, any doctor should know that. in my sons case he was diagnose at age 3 and 2 months, the doctor just observed him play and behave at a room after 45 min she told us that my son has mild autism, the very evident sign with my son is that he has no eye contact, he doesn't respond when his name is called as if he is deaf, he doesn't imitate or pretend at play he just wanted to line up all his toys, he always giggles even if there is nothing to laugh about, and he doesn't know what's dangerous, he could just go to the streets not knowing the cars might hit him
but as they say all of them have different traits so it's better if you seek a specialist help, not a general doctor or a general pediatrician, the one we consulted is a developmental pediatrician.

Shasta - posted on 07/16/2010




they r right every child is different when it comes to autism. my son is 7 and we took him to a specialist and he is adhd and has aspergers and as far as the since and taste issues most kids have well he doesnt really all that much. loud noise doesnt seem to bother him either. his is that he has anger issues and when he has "meltdowns" he hits himself and he doesnt play with ne one but his 3yr old brother and even then alot of times he hits him and my 3yr old will not play with him. he has to have cereal every morning for breakfast. when he goes to bed everynight he ask if he can eat cereal the next morning like im not gonna let him lol...and when he wakes up thats the first words out of his mouth "can i eat cereal?" also he obsesses over monster trucks and he can tell u who drives each one and he lines them up and if u touch them then u r n big trouble. u have to tell him the rules over and over its like he doesnt remember them. also i cant tell him to go clean his room like u could a normal child. i have to say go pick up all ur clothes go pick up all ur cars all ur stuffed animals and so on and so thing at a ways make sure that if u have the tests done that u get iep at school...once that is set up then the school is required by state (well in tn that is) to continue this through out his school years unless he tests out...hope some of this helps..

Krisie - posted on 02/18/2010




Hello I have a 9 year boy with HFA and I went straight to the school district first. I had him tested when he was 3 years old. I twas hard but I knew he was different than this brother. He had problems expressing his thoughts and putting them into words. I swear byt EARLY has helped my son so much. They can give them help before the start school and then all through school. You need to make sure you ask for IEP also that will help with her school work. They are people to help and you just have to ask, read as much as you can about HFA so you understand what she is going through and thinking and it will teach you how to deal with their good and bad days. I hope that helps.

Alicia - posted on 11/22/2009




If your daughters pediatrician is just mentioning at age 7 that your daughter might possibly be autistic it might be time to change doctors. In my case, I went behind my sons doctor's back and got him evaluated by someone else. "Boys will be boys" didn't cut it for me. Autism is not a clear cut thing, "does she have it or not" isn't really the question. It's not that black and white. Children are diagnosed on a spectrum and if you think your daughter might fall somewhere on that spectrum you should take her to a specialist to be evaluated. Just because she can talk and doesn't like loud noises doesn't neccassarily mean she is Autistic or isn't. All children on the spectrum are completely different. Good luck and I hope this helped you some!

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