Best gear for hiking with baby?

Crystal - posted on 02/26/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am hoping weather will be good enough in a month or two to start day hikes with my newborn. She will only be 3-4 months old at that time. What is the best way to hold my baby during a hike? Do people use slings? bjorn-type holders?


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Jennifer - posted on 03/03/2009




As soon as our son could hold his head up we started using the Kelty TC 2.5. Super comfy - it's not the bulk of the external frame Kelty, and holds the load close to your back so if fits like a regular pack. The torso is adjustable, so multiple people can use it (I'm 5'3", hubby is 5'8", torso can adjust taller, too). And the seat height and harness for the baby/small toddler is adjustable, too. Easy to put on and take off unassisted. Plenty of room in the back for gear - we were able to use it last year for a 3-day AT run - my husband carried the bulk of our gear in his external frame Gregory, but I easily carried our son, who was about 25 pounds, and another 15 pounds of gear (including pack weight) and it was completely comfortable.

Amber - posted on 02/27/2009




I used a snuggly with my daughter and had good luck with that. I am wondering if I can still use it with her as she is now just over a year but only weighs 20 pounds. I loved using the snuggly with her but didn't care much for the sling, also by 4 months i think you can cary her forward facing so she can enjoy the hike as well. 

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