never hiked but interested

Racheal - posted on 07/26/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




i am interested in going hiking with my 5 yr old and 8 month old, but dont know how to get started or where to go..i am in richmond, VA plus my 8 month old is BFing and not quiet sure how to handle all this...thanks for your help


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Laura - posted on 08/02/2010




Excellent advice so far! Hiking, versus walking, is more strenuous, so keep it short to begin with! I would recommend a baby backpack carrier for your 8 mos. old. I used one for hiking with my daughter when she was a baby and it is waaay more convenient than a stroller! Also invest in hiking boots or at least solid, closed shoes for you and your 5 yr. old. No sandels! Dress in layers that can be easily removed as you warm up and then put back on as you cool down. And don't forget to bring water and snacks and use bug spray if needed! Have fun!

Kendra - posted on 08/01/2010




Since you have the internet, I would suggest doing some research on some trails nearby. There will most likely be comments left by others indicating if the trail was hard, easy, and how long it took. I would suggest going on a 2 or less mile hike if this will be one of the first ones you take. Also, since you have small children you don't want to go on a long hike. Maybe look for hikes that have things that will interest your 5 year old. Like a stream, views of mountains, or blueberry bushes along the way. They do sell baby pack carriers that you can put on your back for your 8 month old. That will be much easier to hike with than a stoller. Another suggestion is to create a scavenger-hike. You can make one up or google one for ideas. You're 5-year old can find items on the list. This will help to keep his interest in the hike as well. Good luck!

Sarah - posted on 07/31/2010




i have never taken my 5 month old hiking but we do walk in the park. i am sure i probably could use his stroler on some of the better marked paths. first of all make sure that you and the two children are dress right. bring a light blanket for the baby and a light jacket for you and you 5yr old.
make sure you both don't have on sandles close toes are WAY BETTER!!!
you can also take a light blanket to cover your self up in the car to BF or you can get a cool looking cover to bf under they sell them at most baby stores.
bring plenty of water for everyone even the baby they need water too.
make sure that you put sun screan on you and the older child and drape a blanket over the baby or make sure you have a hood on your stroler.
also sence you are starting out and since you have two young children you need to make sure you start out slow and ask the park rangers or the local police what paths would be best for you. just like you don't start a 1 year old out on a unicycle you don't start some one new to hiking out on a trail that you would end up backpacking.
hope i helped

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