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I am a Mother of five beautiful children.

Most people are shocked to find out I have so many kids yet look young, fit and happy. The key is that I enjoy an active lifestyle and holistic living.

Our family spends most of our free time outdoors, appreciating the majesty of nature.

Summers are spent camping, hiking, bike riding and hanging out making a bonfire. Winter is sledding, skiing, and shoveling the mounds of snow here in Michigan.


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Amanda - posted on 01/21/2009




I loved in Michigan for 38 years and greatly enjoyed outdoors thru all the seasons with my children. 6years ago I moved to Colorado and have found it more difficult to get out and be active. Much water around, but most of it is private and no one will let you swim anywhere! Camping is expensive unless you want to go rugid(which I lovebut not my family). I find it also a bit difficult to find someone to go fishing or hiking with or just to talk to about the logistics of where, when, what to look out for etc. Michiganders are more helpful in offering advice. BUT I WILL get up on some 14ers this summer if I have to go it alone. Tired of having extra weight and being out of shape. Outside is DEFINATELY the best place to stay healthy!

GOOD FOR YOU and keep it up---forever! Dont get me wrong, I love Colorado, just starving for my outdoor time and really miss the snow!

Chivell - posted on 01/20/2009




I wish we had snow here i'd be in it if did.. But my son gets to see snow this year we're taking a holiday to Victoria (Australia, im from queensland, no snow ever)..But he'll be too yung to remember it only 10mths old..

But anyway hi im a new mum of one beautiful boy.. Love being outside but it doesnt happen as often anymore always working. But still do plenty of walking. will take him camping when he's old enough to remember it.. Even though there will be hundreds of photos! :D

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