I need cheering up! and have a question...

Anne-Marie - posted on 04/04/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi all! I'm having one of those days.... my DD was diagnosed with Hip Displasia at 6 1/2 months and was placed into a Dan Browne Brace.. at first we were told minimum of 3 months. For some reason i expected things to go smoothly.. that she would wear it 24/7 for the first month then be allowed to have it off for at least a bath! But no.. sorely disappointed when we went back a month later to find that her right hip (which was dislocated) was still not in place and that we were looking at the very likely chance of surgery, but they tried another month in the brace (after widening it so she is now doing the splits) 24/7 again, so no baths for my little water baby. So we have just gone back last week and have had some good news that the hip is in place now, but she needs to wear the brace for another 3 months.. so we dont go back until she is 5 days off being 1! and she is allowed to have a bath and then in 6 weeks she can have it off for an hour a day. I know i should be happy about all this.. but im having one of those days where i feel really ripped off! I watch all these babies in my mothers group starting to crawl and cruise around on furniture and my little bubba is so wanting to do that stuff but is restricted a) because of the brace but also b) because the muscles in her legs are so wasted away she cant hold her own weight even if she could!
She is my first baby and i am struggling with the idea that we have to keep going with this until she is 1.. and possibly longer.. and then there is no guarantee that she wont have to have the surgery after all this. .. Sorry i really shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself!

I do have a question after all that whining... she is trying to stand up in the bath do you think i should not let her do this as it might be a risk for popping her hip back out of place????


Gabrielle - posted on 04/06/2009




I can absolutely empathize. Our DD (first child, too) was diagnosed at 3 days and wore her Pavlik until she was 9 months. I remember feeling so ripped off that she couldn't pretend to stand on our legs, that she couldn't wear the cute sleep gowns people got us, that she couldn't even wear shorts! I cried a lot, for her and for me. But we were very fortunate, even after having the doctor constantly telling us, 3 more months, 3 more months. She didn't need surgery and her hips are great now. All I can tell you is that it will all be worth it in the end, when your DD is better and you get to start seeing her catch up to the others. It was amazing how quickly we forgot all about that annoying harness and just got on with life. Just hang in there, and remind yourself you're doing the best thing for your DD.

I can't answer about standing in the bath, but I know we weren't allowed to let our DD stand until she was pretty much out of the harness. I'm sure you wouldn't want to have to start from scratch again.


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Crystal - posted on 06/11/2009




My daughter wears the hip adduction rhino brace and my doctor told me that when she is out of the brace to let her move/play/role/crawl as she pleases so she develops normally and that it will actually help the natural movement/development of her hip. I completely understand how you feel. My daughter is 6 months and her right"good" hip is measuring 24 and her displaced hip is measuring 28... it is improving as originally it was measuring 36. So now she is able to wear the brace part time but it is so frusterating that surgery can still be a possibility in the long run. Also my dr said that sometimes hip dysplasia babies have one leg shorter than the other... so i left my dr's appointment feeling so uneasy. @ thsi point i'd rather keep her in the brace 24/7 until it is confirmed her hips are displaced and let her catch up on her development later.

Shari - posted on 04/16/2009




Don't let her stand up!!!!!! You can undo everything.

Don't feel bad about being down. It's hard to see our little ones suffer, and we grieve for all the experiences we miss that other mother get because our children our different. But try to remember, it could be worse. They could have some terrible life-threatening illness like cancer or some terrible thing like spina bifida where they would never walk. Keep your chin up.

Margaret - posted on 04/08/2009




When my daughter was in her brace all the time except for baths, she learnt to do everything in her brace. I also had another little girl in my mothers group who had a db bar, and they both learnt to crawl, and stand in their braces. My daughter was able to walk pushing things around. In fact our Orthopeadic Doc said this was the best thing for her to be doing, I don't know about in the bath because of the slipping factor, but don't stress, they find a way to do things in their brace, it does slow them down, but doesn't stop them completely.

Gabrielle - posted on 04/07/2009




I posted something in this group a few days ago about an online store that sells clothes for "hip babies", for wearing over harnesses and spica casts. Check it out - I wish I had found something like that for my DD. I hope it helps a little - all the clothes looked really cute.

Anne-Marie - posted on 04/06/2009




Thanks Gabrielle & Elizabeth, I had thought that about letting her stand up.. she hasnt got the strenght but she sure is trying! im constantly telling her to sit on her bottom! :( and the clothes thing! I bought her a bunch of stuff to grow into just before she got diagnosed and its all sat in her drawer :( especially now with the cooler weather no pants! or jeans! everyday i struggle to find something to put her in for childcare that isnt going to be constrictive or hard to get on and off!

Elizabeth - posted on 04/04/2009




No doubt, that's an incredible challenge for anyone and considering you haven't committed yourself to a mental institution or run away, I'd say you are definitely doing really well.  Pat yourself on the back.  You deserve it.  Sorry, I can't answer your question though.


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