My favorite remedy for cough

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Hi! I thought Id post my favorite recipe for homemade cough "syrup"... my husband and I don't give over the counter meds to our kids for cold and flu symptoms (other than antihistamines, or tylenol)... this one works like a charm every time!

Take a few cloves of garlic, peel and score them
Place in a baby food (or other small) bottle
completely cover with honey
add 2 tbsp of lemon juice.
Stir, and store in fridge.
Use upon demand, as often as you can get your kids to take it! Its super good for them.

Another thing we do is put vicks on the bottoms of their feet, and put warm wool socks on their feet at night time when they have a persistant night time cough. Im not sure why this works, but it always seems to!! :)


Arminda - posted on 08/29/2011




for babies,at the1st sign of cough let them take a teaspoon of oregano.. clean big leaf of regano then put it in almost cooked rice for a fews econds,then squeeze it and give it to ur kid...ihope this will help...
god bless you all!

Jennifer - posted on 04/30/2010




where'd you learn that?? the lemon and honey im used to I use hat my self i swear by my shots o lemon and honey when im sick lol and what age do you usually start that? I wont give cayden anything but motrin or tylonol but ive always just used apple juice for cough and sore throat cuz he's under a yr old

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the ped we took our twin 13 month old to told me not to use vicks vaporub for them as its toxic (even the infant kind). another said its fine! confused!


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Jelay - posted on 12/21/2015




I wander if you could help me prepare my oregano to help my child's colds relief.

Brandy - posted on 04/30/2010




a tablespoon of pure honey in children over the age of 1 is a great as a cough suppressant

Tammy - posted on 04/26/2010




I love honey, we us it any time someone has a sore throat or cough. My kids are older, but don't you have to be careful not to give honey to small children?

Megan - posted on 04/26/2010




I am looking forward to trying this one, thanks Ange. Vicks on the feet works for grown ups too. According to some eastern medicine principles the feet are a great way to imbibe medicines - you can buy cleansing patches for the feet too.

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