Quick and easy ways to make & freeze your own homemade baby food.

Susan - posted on 02/03/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am a new mom planning on making some of my baby foods like my sister did. She told me a really quick and easy way to fix and freeze the homemade baby food that I thought I would pass along. After making up your bachs of homemade baby food, use ice trays to freeze small individual portions. After they freeze solid pop them out and use small freezer bags and place several different flavors ineach baggy. Example- one bag may have a cubes of sweet potatos, peas and peaches. Another may have cubes of bananas, carrots and broccoli. You can mix and match all you want and when dinner time comes around you just pull out one baggy from your freezer with individual portions ready to go.

Another hint- if you can find them use the small freezer bags you can write on to make note what flavors you have in which bags.

Oh, and remember it is much better to steam the foods on the stove, you lose alot of vitamins when you microwave or boil them.

Let me know what you think or if YOU have any recipes or suggestions please post them here.


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Alicia - posted on 02/11/2010




Kim, keep in mind that once made you need to use with in 1 month of making / freezing. To large of batches could eventually go to waste unless you have a big eater. I just started making my babies baby food. i started with Avacados today, I have squash to pureee and sweet potatoes tomorrow. I cant wait to start feeding him the fresh foods instead of the processed foods. Also be careful making carrots. They contain Nitrates that can harm young babies. Be sure to research this before making them and feeding them to your baby.

Kim - posted on 01/01/2010




I am going to be making my baby food this week. I am planning of doing it with a bunch of other ladies. Hoping we can make a large batch of each type and then freeze it. What would be the best way to freeze them? I was going to do the ice cube trays, but with the quantity we are making, i would need over 100! Can we simply freeze them in sandwich bags? Will it get freezer burn? Any feedback would be great! Thanks

Megan - posted on 10/12/2009




I agree with Jen. that website is awesome! I have printed a bunch of recipes and helpful info and put them in a binder so i can grab it while im in the kitchen steaming and pureeing! It is so much fun and a great feeling knowing you are giving your child the best!

Jen - posted on 04/15/2009




I do this as well and it is a very good method of storing.  The only thing I do is freeze in baggies seperately and write what the item is and when it was made.  Some foods look the same and for just starting on solids you need to keep with one at a time for allergy reasons until baby has had several differ types.  I bake alot of items too, like sweet potato and squash especially.  Here is an excellent web site that I use to make my sons food.  Hope it is useful:)


Karri - posted on 02/03/2009




I make pretty big batches, so I can focus on keeping a good variety onhand at all times. What I do is, instead of bags I use those "disposable" plastic containers, with one variety per container. That way, with each meal, I can select a different combination to keep the variety of flavors ever-changing...

For example, my son is now eating about 8 oz of food per sitting, so I can grab a few cubes of apple, a few cubes of peaches, and throw in some fresh banana. Or, I can grab a few cubes of apple, a few cubes of pears, and add baby oatmeal to round out the meal. Other combinations could bea few cubes each of squash and carrots and with fresh peas, or squash and zucchini with rice, or sweet potatoes and apples. Or, I can just give one food all by itself, if I want to keep it extra simple...

I label each container with the contents and the date, so I am always sure of what I am using, and always sure to use the oldest date first -- though with DS's appetite it never hangs around long enough to go bad, LOL! Plus, the containers are stackable, so they don't flop all over the place. It really helps me to keep everything organized and visible, making it easier for me to keep track of what I have and what I need to make more of.

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