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Anita - posted on 08/14/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




This school year my 3 yr old (about to be four) is starting the kindergarten curriculum of My Father's World. This is his second hoeschooling year. My two yr old won't be three until November, so we are waiting to start his homeschooling adventures. I was wondering if anyone has used a state homeschool computer program for kindergarten and how it worked out...


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Mercedes - posted on 03/14/2010




I'm homeschooling my kids 7, and 14yr old girls and soon to be my son who will enter kindergarden. I am having a difficult time, trying to decide if i should homeschool my daughters. My son, goes to preschool 3 times awk. for socialization and speech as he was a later talker, and he studders. My son is not a social child. But a very active kid!! His teacher says he doesnt focus in class and all he wants to do is play and has difficulty being redirected. He is not an oppositional kid, at school. But also she says he say fine motor skill problems. It was an easier decision to homeschool my girls. Bullying being the main reason for my oldest and medical issues for my youngest. I am going to have my son evaluated, for ADHD, and for OT services. I'm afraid of what they may say. My son is my heart and soul. Granted he has issues, I think I have always known in my heart I'm afraid of hearing it out loud from someone else. Again, socially......he is not a social kid, he tends to be a longer, doesnt talk much, extremely bright and wants to learn, but at his time and pace. I dont think i can handle homeschooling him and the girls. My oldest has adhd, and other learning disabilities and the 7yr.old is a reluctant reader, hates math, but is very into science, art and music.
Can anyone reassure me homeschooling my son would be best? Can anyone tell me if they have a child like mine? And how they handle homeschooling him/her?

Robyn - posted on 09/15/2009




I haven't used a computer based one - but I did use a mixture of Sonlight and Hooked on Phonics for my son and daughter's kindergarten curriculumn. Sonlight uses Horizons Math which starts out VERY basic, but then gradually adds to it - the work books are very colorful - and the teacher's manual has LOADS of helpful worksheets if your little one needs a little more 'practice' during certain stages. Hooked on Phonics has a computer game for the little ones to play when they do the Kindergarten reading level - and my kiddos were eating it up. My 6 year old was reading chapter books by following the program! Hope it helps!

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