Holding back a grad level, speech language disablity/delayed son

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My son has speech language disability and I have homeschooled him for 1 1/2 years now. He is in grade 4 now. Socially, it seems kids his age do not seem to be interested in being friends with him although he is very friendly and loves to be around people. He seems to get along better with kids younger than him. Academically, he is average to slightly below. We plan to have him return to regular school next year. I am considering whether to hold him back a grade that would place him in the same grade as his sibling. I'd appreciate any views. Thanks.


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Starla - posted on 01/10/2012




Talk tyo the principl and teache. They may have some suggestions. Also they may be willing to try a few weeks trial in his normal age and if it don't go well then drop down and see if it is any better.Or they may have a test they can give him to help figure it out. I would hate to hold him back if he didn't need it, but would also not want to push him too hard and him be unhappy.

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As a homeschooler, I see no need to hold a child to any specific grade level, but you are talking about something outside of my experience.

Perhaps the people you should talk to are your child's doctors, the school principal, and, perhaps, a school psychologist.

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