How do you find the proper materials and worsheets online without paying expensive fees for schooling programs online?

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I have 2 boys, 5 & 6 yrs old, that are considered "special needs", my oldest is really behind the rest of his class, mostly because the teachers would rather pull him out of class most of the day with his E.A. or send him home they have put him into grade 1 when really I feel he should still be in kindergarten and it seems to be only getting worse. I have been thinking on homeschooling them but cannot find very many material or worksheets/ lesson plans anything to help me out unless your paying extremely high fees for online homeschooling programs...any ideas or resources I have not found yet?


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Take a look at They charge a small fee of about 20 dollars a year. Also try going to the library and checking out homeschooling books like The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer. Books like this one set up outlo ines for teaching each of the grades at home, including book and workbook suggestions.

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Also, along with Ambleside online, check out Old Fashion Education. Just type that name in. There are a lot of free grade appropriate curriculum you can print or ebooks you or your student can read online. The lady seems more conservative (she wears a headress for modesty), but she is passionate about being frugal/resourceful and is very intelligent.

Hope this helps too!

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Brain Quest has some workbooks that give a great over all on all subjects for grade levels. Cost about 13 at walmart, I just got a laminator to laminate the pages they are great full color, to expensive to copy and Crayolas wipe crayons so we can reuse as skills develop. Schoolzone also has great low cost workbooks with nice color and mine came with a CD rom for computer to reinforce skills. My son is in first we pulled him out in k and started homeschooling, still waiting for county to finish testing. I am pretty sure he is dyslexic ans has some motor skills issues. Lots of hands on, counters, clay, and songs...SING SING SING!!!! songsforteaching makelearningfun Just start a folder and goggle specific topic/ free printables ect. When you find a good site add it. We are fortunate to do a free program through county, its a virtual program but its not ALL online like some think. YOU are your childrens best teacher and no one will care like you. Good luck

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I don't. My oldest daughter does ACE and my youngest daughter does Christian Light Education. It cost around 450 for combined for the whole year...its really worth paying for a well guided curriculum.

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I feel that you are on the right track to take things into your own hand. No one knows your kids better than yourself.

You can use educational activities and games to teach them at home while they still attend official school. Here is what I do I hope it gives you some ideas.

If you are looking for some worksheets, here are some from me

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Like the other ladies said their are lots of free web sites, also you can pick up many good work books at your local stores, also look at christian book distributers. They have lots of homeschool stuff. You can compair them all and most books they have a few scaned pages that you can look at and get an idea of how the book is set up. Most thing are not expensive.

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32 has a booklist for each grade level and so does, the Core Curriculum Series is a set of normally priced books that have info on what kids should be learning each elementary school year and some stories and exercises. at you can put in your own spelling words and then the kids can play games to learn them. is a free phonics web site. you can purchase unit studies lesson plans from intellego ( pretty inexpensively and reuse them for multiple kids or use them for multiple grade levels, but you have to add math and phonics/reading. you can also try

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While searching, use "free worksheet" and the topic you are studying. You'll get MANY links - too many.
The first few times you will take a lot of time checking out which sites actually have sheets you can use.
Take the time to bookmark/favorite those sites. As time goes on you will be able to go directly to a few favorite sites.

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