I am thinking about homeschooling but I need to hear about the draw backs too. Any one have any?


Tammy - posted on 09/16/2010




Everything has drawbacks. You just have to decide if you are willing to overcome them or don't want to bother. If it is something you are dedicated to doing then you will be an overcomer. And isn't that what we want to instill in our children? My advice is to get out ye old sheet of paper and start listing pros and cons. On the other side you need to ask yourself "why" you want to homeschool. Then ask yourself again...and again...until you have exhausted ALL the reasons. Because the first one usually isn't the main one and the the real one is usually a combination of all of them. This is your motivation and should become your mission statement! The drawbacks are kind of like the drawbacks of making your own bread from scratch instead of buying it at the store. Sure the store bought is easier and more convenient. Nobody seems to be dropping dead from it, right away anyway:) Yes the homemade takes more effort and time. But the Homemade tastes soooo much better and you know it's better for you because you know what you put in it. The bottom line? The effort is worth it! Have other questions? I would be happy to help you find the answers if you wish:)




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Andrea - posted on 05/03/2010




Here's one...You're with your kids ALL THE TIME! It's not so rough now that they are older (20y, 16y, 14y) but when they were little I was Mommy, teacher, Sunday school teacher... We were SO tired of each other! I wound up putting them in public school (not the same one we had pulled them out of) and I went to work full time for a few years. They're back being homeschooled now (except the 20y old) and still doing great!

Marjani - posted on 04/27/2010




if you are not organized, can think quickly on your feet, explain yourself well. then homeschooling is a problem. if you did not like school as a child, had a hard time understanding, then homeschool is a problem. in my opinion, just because i am homeschooling doesn't mean that their school work should be easier than public school. it should be harder than public school. you can get distracted easily. there are going to be days when you don't want to teach. your kids may not take you seriously because you are their mom and teacher.

you still are responsible for keeping the house clean, discipline and dinner. for some it is a struggle. some moms are horrible at homeschooling. and some moms are great. be honest with yourself. ask yourself why do you want to homeschool. and ask yourself if you can do it. if there isn't any other options but to homeschool. then do it.

i know some children who are behind in school and not prepared for life outside of their home. and then, there are children who excelled.

Kathy - posted on 04/11/2010




I guess it kind of depends on your personal situation what would be drawbacks. For us, we are living overseas, we dont have public libraries or play groups/homeschool groups. I'm homeschooling my 2 oldest 7y and 5y and I have a 17 month old. It gets hard trying to keep the little one busy so I can actually do things with the older. Plus I really have to work at finding time to get everything done in the house b/c my husband is gone a lot for work. By the end of the day I'm just really really needing some adult conversation :) Sometimes I think it would be nice to put myself in time out for a little while! hahha. It does take work, some people think that homeschooling is just keeping your kids home like spring break and that isnt so. You need to think about what you want them to learn, plan, organize etc...BUT on the other hand I must add that it is SO worth it and no matter how pooped I feel sometimes, I wouldnt change it for the world.

Those were the drawbacks that I've experienced, and this is what I've learned over the last 3 years....be flexible and creative! Yes, I try to plan and organize but things will aways come up. For example, I had our 'schedule' of schooling things to get done last week but my little one decided she was going to get 4 molars, cry and not nap AT ALL. Rather than pull my hair out with her fussing and get discouraged that the other 2 werent able to focus we took 'schooling' outside and had a math and science week. We gardened. My baby was distracted, my 7yr old learned about soil, seeds, roots, weather, photosynthesis, insects that are good and bad for plants etc.. and my 5 yr old counted worms as we dug up holes. She created a worm habit :) with over 50 worms. I am SO not a worm person but she loved it and I tried to let her go a bit. We also learned cloud names as the weather was changing. They probably learned enough science for the year in 10 days and my baby was outside a bit distracted from her swollen gums.

I had to learn these things through trial and error ;) I was a bit more stressy last year about getting everything in, doing a chapter each week etc..until I realized that when the school year was over and I kept 'teaching' them through life stuff during the summer they were SO much happier and learned so much more. My 5 year old knows fractions just from baking with me :) she adds, subtracts, reduces etc.. I was shocked at how fast she picked it up just after a few batches of cookies. Good luck with whatever you decide! If you live in the States and have a group of other moms and have access to a library you're already way ahead of us! I didnt even ask how old your kids are?? that also makes a big difference! If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I hope this helped a little bit :) Have a great day. kathy

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