Don't understand some things!!!! HELP?

Andrea - posted on 02/27/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is still a lil bit away from starting school but I wanted to start reading up on homeschooling and figure out what to do. I come arcoss some stuff I am not really understanding... What is the diffrence between unschooling and homeschool? What is ISP and Charter schools? I don't have a degree (we are in CA) so what would be the best for us to use? Do you do preschool if you are going to homeschool? Stuff like that, it all seems somewhat confusing!!!


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Ok. ISP is the internet service provider and charter schools can be either in-house or have an ISP setup for kids to do from home. Unschoolers believe that children learn through life and experiences and that children do not need to have curriculum to learn. It is also another form of homeschooling. Personally I think that children learn throughout life but I HAVE TO have curriculum for my kids or I feel they aren't learning what they need to know to make it in life. I love having a curriculum so that I know for a fact that my kids are learning what they need to know and I can add to it in the areas in which I feel I need to. good luck and god bless

Misti - posted on 03/20/2010




Hello Andrea,

Well I am not sure what the homeschooling laws are in CA. But what you do is based upon how much involvement you want to have in your childs learning. With homeschooling there is a set schedule of things your child is supposed to learn in a day. Unschooling is letting your child learn at random. Unschooling your child is good for some but, not for others. For us I guess you could say we do a little of both. We try to have a set amount of schooling to be done each day for the most part but there are just days when they get burned out and need to choose what the want to learn. The things used in unschooling have alot to do with life lessons. Giving them money and a shopping list and letting them find and by the groceries. Helping you look for sales in the newspapers. Going to the library and choosing books they want and movies they like. I don't know much about ISP or charter schools. We use Abeka as our learning tool. I buy most of my materials of of ebay and some homeschool swap sites. I started my daughter out in preschool. But this is up to you. In a way you are preschooling already. Just go to the local Dollar Store or any other store that carries workbooks and let your child pick ones out that are for preschoolers. That is what we did. If you have any more questions feel free to email me ;-) I have been homeschooling/unschooling my daughter since she was 5. She is now ten and in the fourth grade. The reason we ourselves homeschool is because we want our daughter and son to learn at there pace. We do homeschooling/unschooling year round. In the summer if there is a rainy day and we are at home we will work at the books.

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