Should I home school?

Michelle - posted on 05/09/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter ShyLo is shy and will not speak up in class or to the teacher one on one. The things they tell me she can't do she does for me here at home just fine. She failed kindergarten last year and is doing good this year but now they wanna put her in special ED. I don't know what to do. Any advice? She does fine for me with everything they say she can't do at school.


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Have a talk with her doctor. Find out if there is an issue with too much noise for her to concentrate in the classroom, if she processes information at a different speed, etc. Does she work bettere in smaller groups, what is her teachers way with her, are you more pacient with her when you work together, is she simply just shy. I have a son who is extremely intelligent who could not work in a classroom with 20-30 children in it. There was too much distraction and noise. He had a need to be in a clas with small numbers. We transfered him to a school with a class size of between 5 and 10 in a class, he is now doing better. What has the school suggested with special education? I also homeschool one of my other children with K12 (take a look at their web site, an excellent curriculum, they provide everything. It's worth looking at). Remember every child is different, and they all need different things. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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My daughter was having issues with attitude and the teachers had no patience for her adhd acting out. I pulled her from school and am homeschooling her this year. She started her last year in elementary as a c student and the assignments she is turning in now are A's and B's. That is with me using answer books to mark her work. We have only been at it one week but that is still the first week I haven't had a real attitude problem with her. I'd say homeschool, If it doesn't work out or she seems to be falling behind put her back in. that's my plan with my daughter.

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Sounds like me... my parents took me out in 1st grade until 4th grade when I went to a private school. Why not try it? If it doesn't work out you can always put her back in.

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Personally if she was mine I would pull her out of public school and homeschool. You can record her tests and put her in whatever grade she is ready for. You can also let her move at her own pace and expose her to group activities and such to help her be more open with others. I say go for it and good luck. There are thousands of us homeschoolers on here that are more than willing to help in whatever way we can. good luck and god bless.

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I think the fact that you are even considering the option means the answer should be yes. IMO, Anyone that is even remotely interested in homeschooling should at least try it. You know your child better than any teacher can and the fact that she is able to do these things for you but not at school means that home is the best environment for her. Not to say you should keep her secluded, though. There are plenty of homeschool support groups and activities to get her out and working on her social skills, that seems to be the area that needs improvement...and putting her in special ed is NOT going to help her self-esteem. When she feels secure in her environment she will be able to blossom socially. Look for a support group in your area and jump in...even if the first one you try is not the best fit, you'll start hearing of other programs that might work better and aren't advertised on the web through other Moms. Good Luck!

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