Homeschooling in Kentucky

Homeschoolers in Kentucky....we need a voice and support. I run a homeschool group in Eastern Kentucky and this is a way for me to reach out allover the state. You do not have to live in Kentucky to be a part of our group. Everyone is welcome.



We offer an option to be part of a homeschool graduation. There is a homeschool package that includes the cap, gown, tassel, diploma with cover, wallet diploma, announcements...


College as an option?

Yes, homeschool graduates can go to college. We offer an option for homeschool students with an online college, no matter what state you are in. If you are from and living in...



My name is Cindy Balch and I am the homeschool director for POLE Homeschool Support Group and resource Center, located in Eastern, Kentucky. I get calls from a lot of different...