Anyone work at home AND homeschool?

Shannon - posted on 12/23/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi all,

I am virtual schooling my 10 year old son, while my 6 year old goes to public school, and I also have 3 year old at home. My oldest also goes to the local school twice a week for band. I have a full time work at home job (telecommute for an international software company) and I have a part time work at home job (virtual teacher).

Quite honestly, I'm losing it. Between working, teaching my son, entertaining/teaching my 3 year old, transporting my middle son to and from school, transporting my oldest son back and forth twice a week for band, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. I just feel like I'm failing. I CAN'T let my job(s) slack as I'm the primary wage-earner (hubby was laid off - has a new job but it pays horrible).

BUT, I feel like my son's education is lacking. He's behind in his classes - and because it's a virtual school he HAS to stay on track. I KNOW I don't have the time or resources to do traditional homeschooling - and if I tried he'd end up doing practically nothing as everything else gets in the way.

So, do any of you insanely busy ladies have tips for me to help balance things better? Or should I just return him to public school? :(


Heather - posted on 02/23/2010




Oh my gosh girl you are me! The only difference is I am thinking I need to homeschool to give my son and my family better opportunity and greater life skills. My husband & I both work from home. We have our business 40 ft off the back of our home and I work inside because we have a 3 yr old as well. Our life is insane sometimes but I think its more due to the crazy school schedule. Random days off, testing here testing there, social conflicts, popularity contests, teacher conflicts and the school not being able to do anything about it! Not sure what your hrs are, but can you work or teach later in the day? For me, sometimes that works out better. My 3 yr old is a little more worn down from the day & I can focus more on what I am doing. Take some time to stop and look at your day! Reschedule your day and see what works best.....its all worth it in the end!

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Hello! You sound very busy! I am homeschooling my kindergartner, and have a three year old also. I run an in home daycare, so everyday I have between 2-4 other children here under the age of 6. I work on her homeschooling during the morning and incorporate the other children as much as possible. I have found it takes a lot of organization, but many families home school with very large families, and they manage, so I am confidant I can also. You have to do what is best for YOUR family. Can your kids help you some with the household chores in order to help your load some?? Good Luck!


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Tally - posted on 01/11/2010




I agree with the other moms that you are awesome!!! And I see that you already got great advice from Lori. I work from home and home school as well. Since I work for myself, I set my own schedule. So I try to finish school with the children by 2pm. I do some work with them and other assignments they have to do on their own.. while I make calls and emails. I work with a group called Work At Home United, so I have a lot of team support and tools that make it possible for me to interweave my work and school teaching tasks. I admit that sometimes I feel like I am spinning the plates... like a Chinese
But like you, I have my reasons for being home with my children, and when it gets tough, I pray, ask for strength and remind myself that this is a privilege.
Maybe you can give your son incentives for getting right to it... or maybe you can do some of the harder subjects together late in the evenings... if you are not working during that time.
I hope it works out for you.


April - posted on 01/08/2010




I am the main wage earner in my family also and I understand how you feel. However I travel for my job. It is very hectic. I also feel my kids school is being neglected. My husband and I have decided that as scary as it is that starting Feb. 1st I will go back to staying at home full time. We will just have to figure out how to live on a shoe string budget. We are just trusting God. I am not saying this is the answer for you, I don't know your financial situation but I just wanted you to know that I understand your feelings. You may want to cut back on something, somewhere though. I will pray that it will all work out. I know this may not help much but I am here anytime you want to talk/chat. :)

Lori - posted on 01/01/2010




Hi Shannon! First of all, cudos to you for caring so much about your family to be doing all you do. I, too work full time. I am a psychotherapist and am homeschooling my 12 year old son (the middle schools here are absymal). I have also had trouble with time management as I have to be alone in a room with my patients. After many different incarnations, here is what I do: I make out his assignments the night before (sometimes a few at a time), I have him in another room doing his work. This is not my primary teaching environment, though. The bluk of our work is done on weekends and holidays, when I can give him the attention he needs (both academically and structurally). He requires more supervision than I expected. I also make use of DVDs from the history channel,etc. I think the key is to change his schedule to the opposite of what he had before, in other words, have him working when you are not and let him do his reading while you are working. I would also have him help entertain the 3 year old while you are working. There is no reason they can't be doing art projects together, the 3 year old just does a simplistic version of the 10 year old's project. The car is also a great place for quizzing them on their vocabulary or other facts. Hope this helps!! Hang in there!

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Sorry, no tips. Just admiration! How in the world do you do it all? My 6-yr old twins are in a virtual school, they don't have any outside activities yet, but between schooling them and trying to take care of our home, bills, groceries, laundry, cooking, etc. I can barely do just that. I've thought of getting a job to do at home, but I don't even have enough extra time to take care of my Avon business! You sound like Super-Mom to me!

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