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Bonnie - posted on 04/02/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




So I have been "homeschooling" for 5 yrs and have choosen to not push the normal school stuff as I see my kids learning on their own way better then if I made them. I have a 10 yr old that hates to read but she is great with math even plays Sudko and can draw very well. I have a K that is very excited to learn to read but is having issues with letter reconigtion she hates numbers and is more into make believe than anything else. Now the real side ball is the 18month old there are more days then not that I feel my older kids are not getting the attention they need because the baby is taking up so much time. Anyone have ideas to help with any of the issues please let me know!! Thanks to all and God bless. And how do you tell others how you school? I get questioned from other homeschool moms and people who ask what I use to teach. They mostly think I am crazy but my kids are proof that it works.


Micaela - posted on 07/02/2011




Hi Bonnie, As an eclectic homeschoolling coach, my answer to inquiring minds is always quick babbling "you know, after I taught them the ABCs and the 123s, I couldn't stop! And you know, it's legal! If you wanted to, you can do it too. Oh, but it's not for everybody. Think about it first because not everyone can do this. You know, you really have to want to be with your kids all the time! Oh! sure, almost everyone's doing it. Where you been?!" I get the crazy look. They leave me alone after that. :) One of my sons hated reading, too. I didn't rush him. He learned to read when he was 7 and didn't comprehend until later. Then he developed an interest in game developing. I got him a book on Pascal programming (he asked for it) or something like that; I don't understand the computer programming language, but he does. I've encouraged him to read classics, like Treasure Island (one of his favorites). He reads for information and for recreation. Children have different styles in learning. Imagination is a great thing. Encourage her to share the make believe through her art and present it to you or the whole family! Sudoku is a great math game; it's about problem solving - look for other similar games that require her reading the instructions. Ah! an 18 month old - what a great opportunity for the older ones to teach the youngest some clapping songs! Enjoy the journey!

Debi - posted on 04/27/2011




I am new at homeschooling, But all kids learn differnetly I use to teach but now disabled so I decided to start teaching at home. I use differnet methods on teaching. We use Jumpstart for my youngest (12) and we also use two workbooks we got at Books a Million grammer and wrighting, my oldest (15) we use Lifetime learning and time4learning both computer programs... We go to the YMCA for PE we also go to Bible study. Next year they want to join a Drama class and music so we are hoping for that. As for help with the 18 month old maybe do one on one while he/she takes a nap and when dad is home to help. For the K that wants to read I did postit notes on EVERYTHING :) both mine could read at 4 and I really think it was cause of eveything being labled. And the bigger the imagination the better you can also get books on tape that they can follow along with in a book. The 10 year old let her read WHAT ever she wants as long as she is reading it dont matter magizines, computer games, comic books. Good luck :)


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