Hello to all new members!!

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Hi! I am Bekah and I am really glad to see some new members of homeschooling/unschooling mamas.\r\nI wanted to encourage you to go ahead and start some discussion threads and get to know one another.\r\nI am looking forward to having some great \"talks\" about my favorite subject ever...our children and the unique way we have chosen to educate and care for our little ones.\r\nBekah


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I've written curriculum and used curriculum. Trust me... you don't need it, especially not for the unschooling approach. If you need some baseline curriculum it fulfill state requirements, the local school system is required to provide what you need. You can check out my blog post on curriculum at http://parentingandeducation.wordpress.c...

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Hi everyone

We are a homeschooling family from Australia, we have been homeschooling for eleven years.

Happy homeschooling everyone.

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Ohhhhh to be at Kindergarten with a confidence in unschooling, I'm going to give a shot but I think I would start with vowels make it games, very fun and rewarding, read read read to them and explore these adventures like a journey, and then when they are curious take the time to pull other book resources video selections and the internet is rich with pics, and info and etc. if I looked at any cirriculum again for those ages it would only be to set some goals for my self and them, and then think of the most creative enjoyable ways to achieve understanding of those concepts.......
???? what about the experienced unschoolers?

Melissa - posted on 04/22/2009




I am a grandmother of 2 unschoolers. I am hoping to learn from a lot of listening. I want to help out with the kids, and really enjoy doing crafts and activities. I am looking for ideas.

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I have used a couple of different kinds when I first started to make she had the best. I realized that the most important things for me is that my kids can do basic add/sub and read very basic words. I have used AOP's Horizons which worked great for my oldest daughter, but my second daughter fights to get through it. Not worth it. The have plenty of time to be stressed out in life. I don't want to ruin their childhood with the same thing I took them out of school for. I have six and they are all so different. My second daughter learns a ton from her frogs and lizards. If you stick with the basics and move at their pace (not anyone else's) then you will do great.

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Hi Karen,

I'm not the best person to respond to this as we are unschoolers...and I don't buy a lot of pre-packaged stuff.

For a child of about 5-6 I would really just continue to play and follow their interests and trust that they will learn what they need. For reading we found www.starfall.com to be a great resource as well as just some phonics games that we invented as we went along. My son is reading at possibly a 1st grade level. Math is counting counting counting and playing games and talking.

A "curriculum" that I like is The Core Knowledge curriculum..pricey but you can interlibrary loan some of the books and they have a lot of lesson plans online www.coreknowledge.org

I have heard good things about Calvert and Oak Meadow.

Again I go the unschooling route so no direct experience with these. There are also quite a few Montessori and Waldorf at home programs.

I would check http://homeschooling.about.com ...this website really has loads of information.

Karen - posted on 12/03/2008




I'm hoping that some people will talk about the different curriculum out there. I'm looking to start with kindergarten one next year. I'm not sure which one to go with. Any thoughts on this?

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