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To answer my own question about what makes me feel good or that we make the right decision etc. are days like we had yesterday..we just had a wonderful day at home with lots of world learning type stuff, playing scrabble and seeinmg reading and spelling and math in day to day life, making a tornado with 2 water bottles because my son got the piece he needed to do it for christmas, watching my kids discuss making lunch, then doing it and snuggling up for a family nap afterwords.

2.Things that make me doubt myself..comparring my kids to others , I saw a child at a shelter younger than my son sit down and read a chapter book, not a biggie but I have to admit a little voice was like" oh he's I doing something bad for his future?" And fearing the state looking for my report card I did not submit, hehe opps.


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It is next to impossible for me not to compare my kids to others, or to each other. I just can't resist! So I know that is one that will come up for me as a homeschooling parent as well. However, I do feel pretty confident that homeschooling kids just get a better chance to be good at whatever they choose... so, even if they might be "behind" in something, there is sure to be many other areas that you could look at and say "well, he's not reading chapter books, but that's because he's been working on scientific discovery", or counting, or whatever. My younger child is much less into books than his brother was at his age, and I get a little flutter of panic every time he just wants to eat a boardbook when his brother was already pointing out all the stars on a page or whatever, but he has strengths in other areas than his brother, and just a completely different personality. I definitely have to prepare myself for him to be a later reader, if you can tell these things this early, but I know if that's the case it's because he will be doing other things, equally valuable.

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