Help! New pony is mean to my mini!

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Hi everyone!

I am looking for advice on how to get my newest member of my little herd to 'play well with others'!!

I have introduced a 3yr old 12.2 h pony into the pasture with my miniature horses.

I have 3Mini's--- Mist(4yr old moma), Beau-5mo old colt, and Sierra-1-1/2 yr old filly. My new pony, Biscut, is very friendly and came from an area where she was kept in a dry lot. I thought my pony pen was perfect for her because my mini's are kept in a dry lot as well and she would not have to get used to a dry lot after being in pasture her whole life.

When I brought her home, she immediately bonded with my filly, got to know the colt and accept him, but She and Mist never warmed up to each other.

It has been about 2 months now and they still bicker and squabble. Mist used to be the dominant mare, and now Biscut has taken over. Mist seems absolutely miserable out there and Bicsut picks on her. I have even seen her kick Mist quite hard, and I am afraid she might hurt my mini.

The funny thing is... Biscut gets very upset when I take Mist out and let her be free in the yard. Biscut is very herdbound and if I take all the mini's out, she freaks! She will work up a full lather in about 10 minutes running back and forth!

Any suggestions from anyone as to how to help them learn good behavior or-- at least get along?


Liz - posted on 10/23/2009




I don't know if there is much you do to change pecking order. My suggestion is maybe divide the pasture so they are separate but still next to each other, at least that would prevent any injuries. Or consult an equine behavior expert? Hormone therapy? I have never been a fan a mares since my sisters horse we had in high school was pretty aggressive, not only toward the other horses, she kicked me too. she herded my younger and smaller gelding around, chased him away from the hay, bit him and left scratches/marks. Yet they were buddies at the same time, I thought since it was just the two of them, whichever one was left in the pasture alone would behave distressed and whiney for the other horse to come back. Behavior is very interesting to me but sorry I don't have any answers for you! I once saw a (studdy acting) gelding bite another gelding on the crest of the neck and not let go! The horse was screaming! It left a terrible wound that had to be treated with antibiotics. this was in a herd with six horses, only one mare. The studdy gelding was the new horse in the herd. I think the owner ended up have abdominal surgery done to search for a missed testicle.

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