hospital or home bedrest mommas

for those of us that are on hospital bedrest or home bedrest that need somewhere to breathe in, breathe out, and keep these babies in our bellies!


Why are you on bedrest??

Hi, Just curious why you are all on bedrest and how things are going? Im 30 wks1d and have been on bedrest for 2 wks now. I have an Incompetant Cervix and had a cerclage...


Losing my mind

Hello. My name is Rachel and I am currently on home bedrest. I am 20 weeks along and I am leaking amniotic fluid. They said the baby looks strong and healthy, which is good, and...


A Little Late

I just found this site, and it looks like I"m a little late. You all had your kids last year, and I"m going through it now. It was nice to know for awhile that I wasn't the...


hospital bedrest support

i was admitted to the hospital a week ago (29 weeks gestation) with my baby boy, shepherd "shep", due to a shortened cervix (1.8 cm) that is also funneling (and internally...


How is everyone doing?

I am now 37w3d after 14w+ of bedrest. I am starting to do more, but get very tired quickly. I have 4 other children and am hoping the baby hangs out until this weekend. I am...



Not sure if you are getting admitted to the hospital today or not. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you! Please update when you can.