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Caitlin - posted on 12/07/2010 ( 22 moms have responded )




Because i'm finding these things interesting and peoples answers interesting, say your house is on fire..

Your kids are upstairs (say 2 yrs and 4 yrs, just for consistency..). You know if you go upstairs, chances are you wont be able to get yourself out safely, but you can throw your kids out the window into a snow drift or something safe, but the smoke would get to you.. Either way, it's one or the other, save your kids, or save yourself and start again.. What do you do..

**I'd save my kids honestly, but I wonder why that\'s different from the newborn baby.. Is it because we've bonded more? You're still going to leave your kids motherless...


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Lady Heather - posted on 12/07/2010




I would also save my kids. I don't know. I guess there is a difference in the womb baby and out of womb child. You really *know* them. You've built a life around them. You can envision them going on to do stuff.

I honestly sit and think about this scenario a lot. My daughter's room is just a bit down the hall so in theory it would be easy to get to her. But what if the fire was in the hall? How would I get there? Her window is ground floor but I'd need something to break it with. I pondered leaving a baseball bat outside. But then what if someone uses it to break in? omg. See, I really shouldn't think about this crap. I liked it better when she was still in our room. We have a door to outside right in our room. So easy to escape.

Amanda - posted on 12/07/2010




I'd honestly throw my kids out, and do my best to jump out as well with them. Even with knowing I may not live, they deserve life more than me because I've lived more than they have! We live in a one story home, and my reason for never living in a 2story is because of this example. I would hate to have to ever make this decision!

Jodi - posted on 12/07/2010




Without a second thought I would save my daughter. I would save my friends or sister's children as well. I couldn't tell you WHY i would choose my life over my unborn baby's life in the delivery question but then sacrifice my life for my daughter's life in this scenario, probably does have to do with the bond we make, but it doesn't make much sense.

Veronica - posted on 12/07/2010




what about in the wild? i wonder if mothers in the animal kingdom would sacrifice their life or their babies... i guess its a question i will have to readdress when i do some research....

and yes, i would save others kids too

Nikkole - posted on 12/07/2010




IMO in this situation instead of saving just you or your newborn child all of your kids could die so i think we as mothers would not want our kids to die with something we can somewhat prevent and like others have posted they have there whole lives in front of them and our instinct as mothers is to PROTECT our children i would save my kids first no 2nd thoughts there!

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And Becky, to answer your twist, I would have to save the kids. Wouldn't matter if they weren't mine. I took the responsibility of protecting them when I agreed to babysit them. What would I say to my friend if I didn't? "Sorry, I had to save my own ass before your kids'"?

Bonnie - posted on 12/07/2010




I would save my kids or at least try to in any given situation. One of very many jobs for a mother is to protect her children.

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...I kind of wonder how a panicking mom with two kids upstairs in a burning house would be able to deduce how long she'd have before the smoke would overtake her.

I also wonder how it'd be so hard to throw the kids out and then, as the smoke overtakes you, roll off the windowsill out the window after them.

But for the sake of answering the question, I'd have to save the kids. They'd still have their father and their grandparents. My life wouldn't matter as long as they were okay. I wouldn't be able to handle it anyway, knowing I had the chance to save my kids but didn't.

Becky - posted on 12/07/2010




I would have to save the kids, I don't think it would even be a conscious decision, it would just be "Fire, Children" then only after they were safe would I even consider my own safety. I think we all posses the instinct to protect our off spring. . . . .

A twist on this to think of, what if the kids weren't yours? You're baby sitting your friends kids or family members kids, same fire scenario? Do you still save the kids at the great risk to your own life?

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I'd do whatever I could to save my kids. There is no difference to me. Heck, I almost risked my life for a baby I knew was dead already.... just in case, so of course I would risk/lose my life for a baby/child that I KNOW is alive.

The only possible exception would be drowning if there were ANY other people on the beach that could jump in (which there always is). I'm not a strong enough swimmer, so trying to save my kids (provided the water is over my head) would most likely be a death sentence for all of us.

[deleted account]

I'm with Jenn!
I think the difference is that we have already met our children and thats why we would save them where as a baby that is in the process of being born we haven't really gotten to know yet and also saving our children means they will have each other where as saving one child/baby and leaving our children that we already know.
Not sure if that makes much sense. Hopefully someone will know what i mean.

September - posted on 12/07/2010




On second thought I'd use our fire escape ladder and we'd all survive! :)

Caitlin - posted on 12/07/2010




Actually I think physics wise, it would be more likely for the child to survive if they went out alone, not in your arms.. mostly because if you fall on them or roll onto them it could do a lot of damage.

Jenn - posted on 12/07/2010




I would grab both kids and jump out the window holding onto them - so we'd all survive!

JuLeah - posted on 12/07/2010




Try to save the kids. If I am meant to live, I will land in the snow drift when I jump.

Hannah - posted on 12/07/2010




I too would give my life for my children. I do think the difference is that we have bonded, they are older and have their whole life to live still. It doesn't make any sense, I know.

Caitlin - posted on 12/07/2010




I'm not really in a morbid mood, I like contemplating the hard questions in life, and I find it interesting to find how others reasoning works when it comes to the same question. The specific example came from 2-3 weeks ago when a father saved his 4 children from their burning house, but died himself, it was in Alberta somewhere as far as i'm aware.

Sorry, my intention is not to be morbid, i'm just curious how people think of these things and justify them and see if there is any cultural differences.. :p

Nikki - posted on 12/07/2010




Save my kids no question. hmm I am not sure how to explain why it is different, hopefully someone else will have a more insightful answer!

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