100 Million......Hmmmm I wonder.

Desiree - posted on 06/03/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




Hubby and I have been talking about the biggest payout in the history of South Africa 100 million. At the moment we would leave it in the bank to get some interest (we can live on the interest alone without touching the capital) then payoff all our accounts. We would put my Uncle in a very good home with someone to look after him properly. By a place for my mom. Go on Holiday. Pay the school fees for the rest of the year and next year too. Finish sorting out our house..... By a piece of land and build our dream home. and Spend a good amount on charity and tell some people where to get stuffed.

What would you do with that kind of money 100 million in whatever currency you like?


Jenny - posted on 06/03/2011




I would start a school to teach sustainable and practical living. Things like gardening, hunting, making clothes, mechanics, cooking from scratch. I feel there is real need for these skills and they are not being passed down as they used too. And I'd build a house with plenty of land for my hobby farm and then do a ton of travelling.

And a Harley, I need a Harley.


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Bonnie - posted on 06/03/2011




I would pay off the loan for our vehicle and buy a bigger house. Although the balances on our bills are not high, I would pay them off. Give some money to family. Go on a nice vacation. And then have lots and lots of money left over to not have any worries.

Lacye - posted on 06/03/2011




I would buy a house big enough for my family. Probably a 3 or 4 bedroom. I would buy a new car for me and my hubby. I would put a lot of it into a savings account for when my daughter is ready to go to college. I would go to a university and get my bachelor's degree in accounting. The rest we would save back and use when needed.

Krista - posted on 06/03/2011




First, I'd have to stock up on toilet paper, because winning that much money would make me poop myself.

Then, I'd pay off our mortgage and all of our other debts, give some money to family members, and then sock the rest of it away in secure investments and live off of the dividends, traveling for a good chunk of every year.
Then, I'd

Rosie - posted on 06/03/2011




buy my house on kauai and be teresa's neighbor. :) i'd also buy my parents and inlaws a house. i'd travel the world, and live comfortable for a while. :)

ME - posted on 06/03/2011




I would start by paying off the student loans of myself and all of my sisters...buy a house, put aside college money for the kids, travel around the world, give some to charity, buy my dad a boat...I think I might keep teaching tho...after a short break...I really love what I do...

[deleted account]

Buy a house. Pay off all my dad's, mom's, and ex's debt (hey, then he couldn't use it as an excuse to not come see his kids). Probably pay off my brother's debt and give a bunch of money to certain friends and churches. Travel part of the US. Save the rest to live, send kids to college, whatever.

[deleted account]

I'd pay all my bills and debts, then my hubby and I would buy the 100+ acres we want and build my dream home (it has TOWERS!!! lol). Then we would give a bunch to a few charities and do something special for our parents (maybe buy them houses or something). We would put 1/4 the remainder in stocks (with my hubby's grandfather's advice - he's really smart about all that), 1/4 in college funds for our daughters, and then put the rest in a high-yield savings account and live on the interest so there would be some for the kids when they get older.

Mel - posted on 06/03/2011




wow that would be totally awesome wouldlnt it, I got a payout a few yrs ago but no where near that amount! I saved for a few yrs gave money to my family, bought some things for us, then paid off hubbys debts and got married with it :) but 100 million definately get a house for us, and our family, holidays, and put some in savings

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