14 year old son stay alone with his 17 and 20 year old brothers

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I have been planning a trip to India with my fiance and we was going to be gone for 2 weeks. Today I got a call from my mom saying that she feels I will be making a mistake if I leave my 14 year old son with his 17 year old and 20 year old brothers. I never had a problem with leaving him alone with his brothers till now. My mom thinks that his brothers will not watch him and that he will be running free. I have also made arrangements with my neighbor to keep on eye out on my apartment. All the other times I have left my kids to go to another country, I would just take him to his dads house, but now his dad is in prison. But since his brothers are an adult I thought it would be ok to go ahead with this trip. Should I be concern about my 14 year old son with his brothers. I still think they will be ok, but my whole family are starting to get upset.


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I think your son will be fine. I was left alone overnight with my brother starting from when I was 13 and he was 10. We never burned the house down. Did we strictly follow each of my parent's rules, no, but we didn't get into any trouble or get hurt. As long as you don't hjave a problem with it don't let your family worry you

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Do YOU feel that you have made the correct decision? If so, and your adult son is willing to keep an eye on the younger 2, then go for it.

The first time I had to leave my kids home, the eldest was 16, youngest 13. I made arrangements for youngest to stay at a friend's house, and gave the 16 yo his choice of whether to stay at home, or with the same friend. He stayed home, did fine. We were only gone 3 days, and about 500 miles away, but it was still a scary situation for me.

The next time we had an emergency, my eldest (then 17) said he'd be more than happy to be "in charge" and promised he'd not be an ass to his brother. So we went, and it worked out fine.

Now my eldest is on his own, and still will take his brother if we need to be somewhere but don't want to take brother out of school.

and for each of these times, my mother was appalled that I'd even THINK about doing this, but she was wrong each time.

Your mother doesn't know your kids like you do. If you trust them, and feel ok with your arrangements, then follow through. And enjoy your trip!

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