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My daughter just turned 16 months and she says "mama, daddy, hi, hey, oh, baba, whoa, this"...how can I encourage her to speak? When she gets up from her nap and after I change her, she walks into the kitchen and tries to pull open the refrigerator door because she knows her juice is in there...should she be saying "juice"?

I wouldn't normally be worried about this (especially since she started walking at 9 months and our pediatrician said that often when a child walks first they focus more on that skill than another one) but she is very frustrated sometimes when she can't tell me what she wants.

Is this too early to worry? How can I help her more than I already am?

Just a side note: I am a SAHM and although she has play dates with kids her age, she has never stepped foot in a day care so far. I plan on putting her in this early learning "school" at 2 year as well as dance class but I am worried that she won't be able to tell me if someone picks on her or if something happened.


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At 16 months, no, I would not worry. It'll come and when it does it will be fast! My boy is not saying a lot either. He just started saying Momma/Mommy. He says Dadda/Daddy, Saddie (our dog), Sissy, whoa, ohhhh, hi, bye, baba, car, quak quak, brrrmm brrrmm (car noise - yes typical boy), nana (banana) and now he says Momma/Mommy. Not near as much as my daughter did at this age (17 months) but good enough for me. ;)

Some kids take longer, just like other developments. Some are fast in some things but slower in others. All kids are different.

Now for my son, he did have ear infections for 3 months, so it could be partly due to that, for his speech being a but slow. Although, his Dad didn't talk until he was 2.

I am sure your girl is completely fine. ;)


Oh yeah, my boy also says NO! LOL

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At 16 months I would not be at all worried. I do know how frustrating a mobile, non-talker can be. I agree with Heather and Brittney - teach her to sign, talk to her about everything, and give her lots of chances to speak. When she goes to the fridge, ask 'do you want your juice'. Then ask her to say juice. Reward even the smallest attempt with what she is asking for.

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You could also do flashcards. I just made some yesterday with my daughter. It was hard to find words that she would recognize as pictures but she enjoyed watching me draw with her crayons. Reading is another good way to boost speech. Singing songs and dancing. Just about anything, really! Every moment can be turned into a learning opportunity.

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I did sign language at that age with my non talker. You combine it with speech, lots of repetition. Always ask her what she wants instead of just giving it to her. She does need the opportunity to speak.

At that age my daughter said mama, dada, hi and no. By two years old her speech was advanced. No kidding. She was about 21 months when she just started exploding with words. And she was able to say most things perfectly. I think she was just waiting until she could do it right. Chances are your kid is totally fine. We did see a speech therapist just in case and that's what started us with the sign language. It really helped her with frustration issues.


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lol speaking of "no" I had made ground turkey meatballs and wheat pasta last night and when I asked my daughter if the meatballs were dry she shook her head "no" lol I was good girl!

We made flashcards yesterday! She really liked picking out the colors for each word I was going to write and then picking some stickers to decorate the cards. It was really fun. (never thought at 24 my version of fun would be non toxic crayons and dora the explorer stickers lol)

I actually don't know how she knows the word "baba" we switched her to a sippy cup on her 1st birthday. We decorated it and made this big celebration out of it.

Thanks f'or making me feel better guys! I was so worried about posting this because I was thinking "ok they are either going to call me neurotic and tell me to pipe down or they will freak out and tell me to get off the computer and head straight to a speech therapist"

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well Jackie your daughter has a few up on my daughter, lol. my kid refuses to walk and refuses to say mama. she also doesn't know "baba" but then again, she went to a sippy cup pretty early. now if she's thirsty she just says "juice." i'm trying to get her to start saying "cheerios" or something to that effect when she's hungry, and we try to teach her the words for different things, but she's still just babbling mostly. well, she knows "dog" and "cat" and says those a lot when they're around her. she also says "good", "hi", "this", and "that" and she calls her pacifier her "nana" and she is always calling for "dada." sigh...

but i'm glad to know that my daughter isn't completely behind on her speech, or at least that there are other children her age that don't have a huge vocabulary, lol. we're always asking her what she wants, but she doesn't answer verbally, she just starts squealing or reaching for us if we happen to say what she wants.

flashcards sound like a great idea. i will have to try that with my little one. chances are, though, she'll just giggle and coo at me like she usually does when we try to teach her new words or try to get her to answer a question.

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Signing, absolutely! It doesn't have to be a big thing. We did "more" "all done" "please" "thank you" "diaper" and found out how to do it on youtube. It made our lives way less whiny. My son never whined for more at the table or if he did we didn't give him anything until he asked for it by signing "more". It made restaurants very doable.

After a while he would say "mo" as he signed "more", and now that he's 2 he's talking more but still does the signs when he's shy, or does them as he says the word.

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Thank you so much, Heather! I'm going to do some reading on sign language until the munchkin gets up from her nap.

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