17 year old car insurance costs are just unrealistic. No wonder people in England are breaking the l

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My son is approaching his 17th birthday and he wants to take driving lessons and then get a car. The problem is the insurance is just a joke. The car he has his eye on is an old banger nothing special and costs just over £750. The problem is to insure his car and him as the main driver the cheapest insurance he can find is at £3,300. This is just unrealistic even though he works full time he could never find this much money.If I was to say the car was mine it would cost £250 and to have him as a second driver it would cost £350!

It seems to me that more and more people are breaking the law as my sons are driving around in cars that they have bought and their parents have insured as theirs. The only problem is that the insurance companies are getting wise to this and investigate any claim by asking the neighbours whose is that car and if they say it's the childs name then the insurance is void.

I want my son to be abel to get his car as he works full time and needs one on a daily basis, but I can't bring myself to break the law.

Any ideas on how I can help him legally!


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Why don't you just buy the car for him? That way you wouldn't have to lie and you could still get the less expensive insurance. If the insurance company tired to void your insurance based on a neighbor's word, you can just show them the title to the car in your own name.
Then when your son is older, you can sell him the car back.
That's what I would do.


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I think you may have to go the hard route, and let him just use your car until his insurance rates go down, or he can afford it.

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Wow! Yea, don't do it if it's illegal--here whoever is on the title is the primary driver for that car whether they actually drive it the most often or not, so that would not be at all illegal over here. Minors cannot get their own insurance here, they have to be 18, but even after they are 18 there is no law that they cannot remain on their parent's insurance if the parents own the car. Most people stay on their parent's insurance until they are 25 when the rate falls, but unlike there, it is not considered fraud here and insurers actually will encourage you to do it.

It is crazy they would be able to void a contract based on the word of a neighbor, are you sure about that? How would a neighbor even know unless they watched like a hawk?

I think the theory is that if the child gets a speeding ticket or accident they have to face the wrath of their parent along with the increased premiums (also, it's a boon for the insurance company b/c if the kid messes up, premiums go up on all of the cars on the policy).

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@ Kati yes this is right in the UK insurance premiums are that high and if your 17 year old is the main driver of the car they have to be insured as so. It is illegal to insure the car in the parents name and for the child to drive it, the insurance is void should they have an accident and then you can be prosecuted for fraud.

This is the reason we have so many uninsured drivers on the road because the premiums are so high.

The cheapest insurance we have found so far is £2,500 for an old banger and that is third party. There are ways to bring the premium down like curfew insurance which means you can only drive the car between 8am and 10pm but my son starts work at 8am and needs to be able to drive to work. There just seem to be no way out of paying this. You either pay or break the law!

Another scheme the government has is if they check a vehicle and it has no insurance they seize it and crush it!

Just to make matters worse a bill has just been passed in the European union to make womens insurance the same price as mens. So my cheap policy will be going up double. I think I will just think sod it and take the bus!

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My husband has had me as the "secondary driver" on all of our cars and him as the first because he is over 25! And I was the actual main driver since he gets the work van/a lift with someone who has a work car to work every day. This is perfectly legal, what if the use is 50/50... you still have to name a main driver.

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That sounds nuts Louise. Here in Australia, we have insurance which JUST covers third party property damage, and my step-daughter only paid $450 for that for her car. Her car was only worth $1000, so it wasn't worth covering her car for damage, but we wouldn't let her on the road unless she covered other people's cars, LOL. Imagine if she had an accident and it was a brand new BMW or something.....

Anyway, her excess was $1000, but at least her insurance was affordable. I couldn't even comprehend $3,300, let alone in pounds (which is about double the dollar).

Just for the record, 3rd party injury where we lived is included in the registration, which is about $650 annually.

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that seems rather odd to me louise. here a minor cannot get insurance on their own because a minor cannot legally enter into a contract. they have to be a part of their parents insurance. i'd really ask your insurance company again and make sure you are understanding fully, cause to me it doesn't seem right. it could be the difference in countries though, who knows?

Louise - posted on 02/24/2011




Kelly this is illegal and you could be tried for fraud. This is a big thing in England at the moment. If he is the chief driver of the car he has to be insured in his name and yes believe it or not the costs are on him having passed a test already. God only knows how much it would cost to insure him without a license.

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Holy crap - that's expensive!! Now, is that quote taking into consideration that he'll be taking driving lessons? I know that will bring the price down here, same with if you have good grades in school. Being a girl makes it cheaper too, so he's screwed on that part. I don't think there's really a whole lot you can do, other than to shop around. I know here, it would likely be around $3,300 (CDN dollars), so it's a bit cheaper when you convert it.

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