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My name is Jessica. I'm 22 and me and my husband have a 2 year old. We just moved from Ontario and are now living in BC. I just got a new job and we're about to move into a new apt. I really want to have another baby but my husband doesn't. He says we can't afford it right now. I'm kind of on bored with that but at the same time I'm wondering if there is such a thing as "financially ready" to have kids. And I'm not saying I want another one right now. Just within the next few months would be nice. That would give both of us time to save up and give us some time to get settled in. I just don't want there to be a big difference in age between the two kids....Any thoughts?


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I believe that there are times when it's BETTER to plan a child. It is a big financial responsibility. If you have a steady income, an affordable roof over your head, can pay your bills, and can buy groceries and diapers then go for it. If you are putting pampers on Visa because there is no way you can afford them otherwise, I wouldn't plan to bring another child into the world.

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Can't really help you because we're trying to decide the same thing BUT I am curious - where in BC are you?

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I am 26 and have a 2 yr old girl and I am 9 months preg with a lil boy. It was definately not planned and probably wasnt the best time financially to have another but having said that I think if you are hard workers and determined then you do whatever you have to to make it work. I know without a shadow of a doubt, my husband will make sure we have everything we need. So not sure there is ever a perfect time to have another, financially or in any way. When it happenes you make it the right time. Of course you want to be ready with money and mentally and all that but that comes when it needs to. We will make it work any way we need to. I love that my kids are going to be close in age and now i have a boy and girl and AM DONE lol

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