7 month old isn't crawling yet!!

SKYLA JON - posted on 01/30/2014 ( 5 moms have responded )




This is my first child and I am just concerned that I am not doing enough!! She sits by herself and grabs things with both hands. She can roll over both ways and seems to be using everything equally. She wants to move but hasn't grasped the concept yet. Is there anything I can do to help?


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Jenny - posted on 02/01/2014




Every child is dif, my lil neice didn crawl til 12months and her sis didn crawl at all but didn walk til 15 months

Chet - posted on 01/31/2014




Crawling isn't a milestone. Babies don't need to crawl, and many never do.

A milestone is a skill that you need to develop another skill. For example, it's impossible to sit unsupported if you have no head and neck control... so being able to lift your head is a milestone. There are no skills that require crawling to happen first though.

Lots of parents want to "teach" their baby to crawl, but there are no many different ways for a baby to become mobile I'd mostly leave it alone. If your daughter is meant to be a butt scooter or an army crawler you're working against her trying to get her to up on her hands and knees for example.

Also, a lot of early development is completely beyond your control. It has a lot to do with physiological processes like your baby's nervous system maturing.

Babies really do things when they are ready. We were on vacation when our second was 7 to 8 months old. I had delayed solid foods and had tried to keep her from crawling because we were going to be in Africa and I thought it would just be easier it she was exclusively nursing and not mobile until we got home. Despite my best efforts, her first solid food was from a street vendor (she snatched it) and then she started crawling before we got home too.

Jennifer - posted on 01/30/2014




oh bless! I remember thinking those things about my first! Seven months is extremely young!! My girl didn't walk until after she was a year old, she is now two and can't take her any where with out her running! If you want her to walk early you can encourage her by helping her stand and feel her feet on the ground, do little jumping games to get her feet flattening on the floor etc, but she won't do anything before she is ready so just enjoy her at 7 months old!

SKYLA JON - posted on 01/30/2014




Thanks so much. I figured that was the case, just wondering if anyone had any tips :D

Christina - posted on 01/30/2014




All babies are different! My first daughter never crawled. She just walked at 10 months and my second daughter didn't crawl until she was 10 months. Many things you can't exactly "teach" a baby. They just have to try it on their own :)

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