A Family Member with a dangerous dog, what do I do?

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My boyfriend and father of my two kids, bought his mother a dacshund. She treats the dog like one of her kids, which is fine I was happy they bonded so well. But then the dog started growling at various people, including my son who is almost three. You would figure since she got the dog right before I had my son they would get along. It has just gotten worse. Now when my son goes up to his grandmother he gets pushed away because the dog starts growling and freaking out. In the beginning I asked her to keep it outside when my son was there, she did a couple of times snd then put in a dog door. I fear for my son when he does go over there because he gets pushed away instead of the dog being put up. What should I do?


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I agree with Dennika. The dog gets locked up, or you don't go over there and she can come to see you without the dog.

It really is important for dogs to be socialized. It does not sound like your MIL has done this. It would be great if one day the dog and your shilc could be together, but with the way she pushing the kid away when the dog is around, is teaching the dog to do it more and that it is an acceptable behavior. If she wants to change it, when the dog growls, she should tell it "no growl" and put the dog in the kennel. The dog can be let back out after a bit, but she has to be very loving to your children in front of it.

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Just tell your MiL that while your son is around, the dog needs to be elsewhere, either stay outside or in a kennel or something. If she won't comply, stop bringing your son over there. Your sons safety is more important. If she wants to see him, she can go to your home, withOUT the dog.


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I do not allow my kids to be around dogs I do not know, and even ones I do know I am very cautious with. If a dog was growling at my child, even ONCE, my husband would have lost it. If she doesn't get rid of that dog, then I wouldn't be sending my kids there, because it sounds like she can't be trusted to keep the dog outside away from my kids. Sorry, but I would not take any chance with my child and any animal.

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A Big Thanks to everyone one for their post, it makes me feel a lot better to know im not the only one who thinks my Mil is in the wrong with this dog. Ever since she got the dog ive had to fight her for the safety of my son. Well after what she did on Halloween my son will not be back there. Thanks to everyone again!

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If the dog can't be elsewhere while your son is there, your son can't be there. She can visit at your house. Her dog's feelings are NOT as important as your son's safety.

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I agree with everyone else, the doge needs to be put away or outside when your son is there. Let her know that your son will not be visiting if the dog is out, then its her call. I have a dog who loves people, but can get overly excited and knock over small children while trying to be friendly, since we have been unable to break her of her hyperness, when any kids are over she has to go outside or in another room. I would hate if someones child got hurt or even scared of dogs because of her.

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Sadly, you cannot control how the behavior of either grandma or the dog (although it is glaringly obvious that BOTH of them need training!).

I agree with the others - you have to stand firm on the absolute rule that the dog must be contained at ALL times when your children are present, without exception. You need to be very clear that any infractions of this rule means that the children will never be allowed there again. If it were me, it would also be a while before I allowed my child to go there without me present to insure that this rule is followed.

Chances are, your MIL will balk at this. If she does, you need to explain to her that it is not just for the protection of your son, but also for the dog. She needs to understand that if the behavior escalates, and the dog ever does actually bite someone, that bite will be reported, and she runs the risk of being forced to euthanize the dog.

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The fact that your son is pushed away, rather than the dog reprimanded, is telling the dog that the pecking order in that house is: MIL, dog, son. Therefore the dog feels the right to be boss of your son, and defend his "territory" against him.

The dog either needs STRICT discipline or to be put elsewhere SECURELY whenever your son is around.

If the dog is not under control, don't send your son to your MIL's.

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