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Jackie - posted on 12/22/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )





"Could it be a sign from the divine? A viewer, spending time in Greece, sent us two interesting photos she wanted you to see.

Nia Volkers posted this fireplace picture (attached) on Facebook and a friend noticed the image of a white dove in the fire. The second photo (also attached) is a little more pronounced. The patterns on a piece of firewood raised an observation from Nia's daughter, who called it a "Christ-like" image.

Nia wrote to us, "No matter what one's faith is, we can receive little gifts from the simplest of places."

Interpret it as you wish."

This was in our local news today. So what do you think? If you hold the Christian Faith do you think He would show himself in the most inconspicuous places such as a fireplace or do you think that people are looking for any kind of assurance or proof they can find? Do yo think this will be placed on eBay right next the Jesus shaped corn flake?

** Please note that this is not intended to mock anyone's beliefs or religion. I am just curious if people really believe this kind of thing is a legit sign from God. Or if you saw something like this would you (the general you) take this as proof of existence?


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OK, here's the silliness of it. Why is it that Christian images are always being reported in food or objects? Oh look, it's Jesus in the wood, or the Virgin Mary in a potato chip, or another Christian symbol on a paint a rock formation? I just never hear of the Budda embedded into a piece of wheat bread.

Cassie - posted on 12/22/2010




I'm a Christian and while I would see this and think that it was really interesting, unique, and out of the ordinary, I would never look at it as a sign or become overly excited about it. Would I snap a picture? yeah. Would I show it to others? yeah. Would I view it as a life changing sign? No.

I think God gives us much more inspirational and important "signs" in everyday life, through our family, friends, and our normal surroundings. IMO, he speaks to us through our joys, heartaches, triumphs, and failures, not through images in a log.

Sharon - posted on 12/22/2010




I do believe in god or at least a higher power & I believe there are little signs. Logic tells me that sometimes, one thing will look like another thing but when you believe? Then its a sign. Its a bit contradictory but if sometimes one thing can look like another by accident then why can't it sometimes be a sign from above too?

Jessica - posted on 12/22/2010




I take signs from nature and life and interpret them daily, although I am kinda with Jessica on this one....looks more like the Death holding his scythe. Just remember, Death doesn't always mean impending doom! Its usually a sign of change..one thing ending (therefore the death of) and something new beginning! :)

Jessica - posted on 12/22/2010




Dude that is a cool looking picture on the log! I don't think it looks very Christ-like, just my opinion. It almost looks like the grim reaper, holding some kind of staff. LOL!

I can see how one might gain personal spiritual inspiration from seeing things like this, but I don't think its the kind of thing you can show to the world as "proof" of some sort. If it means something to you and reinforces your own beliefs that's one thing, I'm not going to tell you your experience is not valid. But personally, for example while I think the log picture is pretty cool to just happen naturally, it doesn't seem like anything more than a coincidence... and the fire, well, just looks like a picture of a fire to me.


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Nia Carpenter - posted on 02/19/2014




the only reason i took these as a sign was because the very same morning i was praying for my father. you see, he was dying of cancer but did not know he had it. I was in Greece caring for him and asked him if he believed in the Lord and did he think people went to Heaven when they passed. He said..some days I do, some days I don't. I prayed so hard for him, just asked God to please save his soul. I asked him "well, why do you go to church then dad?" he said.."so the people in the village, they no talk about me when I'm not there" :) I just wanted peace about this..then a few hours later, while bringing in wood my daughter had noticed this image...the one of the fire looked kind of like a dove..so yes, needing peace myself, I took it as God letting me know that he heard my prayers and to Have peace. While bringing in the wood with my daughter, i had explained to her, since this was troubling me, I said.."Sweetie, you know one day I wont be here when youre older and need someone to listen, they'll be times when you need peace in life that only God can give you, and if your heart is open to it, He will let you know and feel what you need to get through the tough times in life" then she found the log. Everyone in the village came to see it..for a few days, dad had all this company and old guys coming to sit by the fire and talk about it..had alot of attention..he had fun with it. and told me..Never burn that log..you could have bad luck!!! lol I had it cut into slices and brought it back with me..No wood burning..anything made up..so yes, I took it as a sign, because my heart was open. My daddy died 9 days later on New years Eve. Yes it's just a log..a natural accruing thing..but if something small can give you a little faith..it's all good.. I know where his spirit is.. ♥

Becky - posted on 12/23/2010




Today, I braved the insanity of the malls 2 days before Christmas with my 2 young children. In a full parking lot, I got a parking spot just steps from the entrance (and no, it wasn't handicapped!). Now that, mes amies, is a sign! Someone up there loves me, or my stars are aligning right, or I just have awesome timing, whatever you want to believe! ;)

Jenn - posted on 12/23/2010




I do believe in God but wouldn't have thought twice about it - it just looks like a piece of wood to me. I can't say I believe in all those signs that people think they see. Then again I do sometimes wonder if the voice in my head that answers my own questions is God talking to me. OK - go ahead and call me a loon now LOL!!!

Desiree - posted on 12/23/2010




Just the sun rising, a bird singing, a child's laughter and a granny's stories are signs from the divine in themselves so why should we look for more. If we look closer to our homes see mircles every singles day just by being mother we see and notice them we don't need strangers to show us things we already know exist.

LaCi - posted on 12/23/2010




I don't see anything "christ-like" on that piece of wood. I see a fisherman with a lantern.

I will say it's pretty. And I like it. Just like I enjoy looking at clouds and saying *That one looks like...*

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Jamie i agree with your hubby thats more of what i saw. A sign? Not IMO but i think it looks really awesome.

Charlie - posted on 12/23/2010




Looks more like the grim reaper .

I had a lady carrot and a man carrot once anatomically correct too .

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...Holy crap that is such an awesome picture D:

At first I was gonna go all spiritualist on this and talk about how we take all the little things for granted and then decided I'd actually look at the link and was blown away.

Dood, I would sooooo not sell that. I'd keep that for forever, just because it's beautiful. Nature's artistry. So freaking awesome!

Hubby says it looks like someone casting a spell. Whatever, I say it's pretty awesome whatever that tree wanted to portray! I also think it's pretty damn awesome that the lines of the tree are all focusing to the center, to the figure's "chest". What in the world happened to it for it to grow like that? Trees aren't supposed to do that...How odd.

I hope it wasn't someone using a wood-burner to fool people. But the tree's age lines aren't right...

I don't consider it a sign. It's just freaking wicked awesome to me :D

[deleted account]

Meh. I wish more people would get excited about God's revelation in his word than worrying about a bunch of shapes. I don't view shapes as proof of anything. I had a heart shaped potatoe once, it was just a shape to me.

I don't think many Christians would take this as being anymore than what it is. I don't want to offend anyone, but I get the impression that there is more excitement about this sort of thing in traditional catholic communities.

Tara - posted on 12/22/2010




It all looks fake to me.
I can't believe it is being taken as as sign of any kind, to me it's a sign that someone is pretty good with a wood burning kit and it's also a sign that people will see and believe what they want to, regardless of fact.

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