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Momma - posted on 12/06/2012




We don't have carbon tax in NS and we don't want it. Currently we pay the highest prices in the Country to heat our homes and it would only reek havoc for many here, that are already barely able to pay the costs. We do not have a lot of natural has resources set up here, so we are stuck with the coal burning electricity. Until our Province wakes up and smells the coffee and gives us a better, more cost effective solution to heating our homes and running our vehicles, they can shove the carbon tax!


Lady Heather - posted on 12/06/2012




We already have a carbon tax where I live. Most people don't love it. hahaha.

I love my taxes for the most part because it allows me to provide for the community as a whole. I worry more about the management than the paying. The only tax I've ever not liked is when they brought a new harmonized sales tax in here and applied it to things like fire extinguishers and bike helmets. Those were previously exempt. I don't think people should have to pay tax on things that save lives. I want the kids from lower income families to be wearing bike helmets! But other than that, taxes are good. :)

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