Abused Dolls for Lawn Ornaments -- Free Speech

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Here is a link to the story:
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This couple (parents of 4 children) decorate their yard with baby dolls gruesomely abused--one is in a noose hung from a tree. Another is nailed to the tree with a dart driven through it's eye. Others are crammed into an outdoor fireplace and partially burned. Some, partially dismembered and decapitated, spill forth in a bloody bath from an overturned basin. This is not for Halloween, these are year round lawn ornaments.

The couple says this is an expression of free speech. The mother claims she just likes doing it--there is no message or statement she is trying to make, no negativity intended.
Neighbors want the gruesome decorations removed. They say the decorations are distasteful, and disrespectful, especially to those who have lost their children.

The home is not in a neighborhood with regulations on decor, and the decorations do not break any local ordinances.

Thoughts? I would love to hear what you think.


Kristi - posted on 04/11/2013




I think there are quite enough self centered people. I don't think it's a matter of thinking of others or thinking of one's self, it's a matter of context. Putting others needs before your own, like on a crowed bus...you and your 15 y/o get up and let grandma and grandpa sit down, instead of spending $800 on the newest, bestest iPad, get last year's model with less memory for $400 and donate the other half to the homeless.

And aside from that, I think I do have the right to worry about what other people are doing. It's called being vigilant. Sadly, the boogeyman is real and he can be a she or a teen or a 50 y/o who looks just like my neighbor or is my neighbor. They don't make special vision boogeyman glasses so I have to pay attention to other things. It doesn't mean I have to be obsessed or call the police if I see a reddish-brown stain on something because it just might be blood.

Common sense and moderation can do amazing things for people.

User - posted on 04/10/2013




It's stupid and slightly disturbing but I think we all spend too much time worrying/thinking about other people. If we focused as much on ourselves as we do on others what a world this would be.


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Denikka - posted on 04/04/2013




You know, I kept thinking about this last night and came back to reread it this morning.
While the dolls may be disturbing to some people, I don't see much of a basic difference (as to how disturbing it is) between this and people who decorate with dead animals/dead animal parts. There are many people who decorate their homes, front porches, gardens, etc with stuffed animals, skulls, horns and antlers, etc. In fact, I would personally feel that decorating with animals is slightly more on the disturbing side because those creatures were once actually alive, instead of just being chunks of plastic.
There are also many people who decorate with images more associated with evil and death, things like skulls or *evil* pagan symbols like pentagrams (I'm pagan, so I do know the true symbolism, but many do not and associate it with evil).
Or, there are people who collect these *living dead* dolls, which are actually more creepy than any of the dolls in this story, IMO.

I think the main objection to these dolls is the fact that they look human, specifically like children. But having things like this is not actually THAT uncommon. There's at least enough of a market towards creepy looking dolls that there's a company that specializes in it. It's just that here, they're displaying it outside where the world can see it, instead of inside their house where no one would ever know or be able to object to it.

Kristi - posted on 04/04/2013




"If you feel like you want to come out and nail a doll to the tree, then nail a doll to the tree. It's much more better than beating your kids."

Read more: http://www.wyff4.com/news/local-news/spa...

MY COMMENT---Wow! No negativity there. I mutilate dolls so I won't mutilate my children....hmmm.

McHale said, "I would hate for something like this to happen to my kids. I would really hope other parents would look up and say, 'Hey. This could happen to my kids. Maybe I need to watch them better.' … I don't want this to happen to anyone."

MY COMMENT---So...this is a reminder for parents that there ARE, indeed psychos out there that WILL do all of these things and more, to your kids so beware. It's not her, she just thinks it all up, other people do it.

I'm sure the people at Quantico would have fun with her. However, I HOPE she is just gunning for her 15 minutes. Just her wording and her statements make her sound ignorant. Personally, if I didn't think she would set me and my family on fire, I'd go take that shit down myself. I'd be willing to bet that's why not very many people have said anything "negative" to her, they don't want to get burned, mutilated, impaled or otherwise disfigured or dismembered.

But, ultimately and imo, unfortunately in this case, Denikka is right, if they aren't violating the law how do "we" justify censoring them and not the Klan or LGBT's, or whomever "we" have discord with at the moment and who decides who "we" is. GRRRR.

Denikka - posted on 04/03/2013




Reminds me of the Island of the Doll
Creepy creepy. . .
But....I wouldn't want someone telling me how to decorate my lawn, so I really can't say anything about these people. Only they know why they actually do it. And if we start with this and forcing them to take them all down because it offends some people, where would it end?

Firebird - posted on 04/01/2013




It's not an issue of free speech. In order for it to be an issue of free speech, one would actually have to say something. It's a matter of personal taste. Poor taste? Yes. Twisted? Absolutely... but it's not my business to dictate how another person decorates their lawn as long as they aren't actually abusing living creatures to do so. If my neighbour were allergic to lilacs, or hated the colour purple due to some sort of emotional trauma, I would not rip out my lilac bush... just saying.

Lakota - posted on 04/01/2013




She is making statement, but, not the one she intended. I think it's sick and disrespectful.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/01/2013




Yeah freedom of speech...why the hell not use that as your reason for being insensitive and ridiculous. If I lived in that neighborhood, would I want my kids seeing that? Nope.

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